California State University of Chico

Published: Wednesday September 15, 2021
carli ross and coworker holding hoola hoop and smiling

I will be delivering my Heart of Inclusion speech for the adapted physical education students at my alma mater “Chico State” on November 9, 2021. I cannot wait to share my messages on the inclusion and advancement of people with disabilities with them.

AccessibilityPlus 2021

Published: Sunday September 12, 2021
alycia being announced as mc at accessibility plus 2021

Join us October 12-14 for three days of virtual learning and engagement as industry leaders in accessibility and advocacy like legendary Judith Heumann, Caroline Casey, and more come together to talk about how and why businesses should empower accessibility! Agenda: Day 1: Unlock the Potential of Assistive Technology Day 2: Actionable Solutions for an Inclusive … read more… AccessibilityPlus 2021

“Magic is believing in yourself”

Published: Friday September 3, 2021
alycia holding her phone wearing a shirt that says making magic happen

“Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Believe in yourself and all possibilities ahead of you …do that! Have an amazing day ♥️

My disability has elevated my life.

Published: Saturday August 28, 2021
alycia pushing up a hill in work out clothes with her hands on her wheels

My disability has elevated my life. It empowers me to look at life in different ways and to be proficient in ways I would not be without it.  What empowers you and elevates you in your life? Please share! Let’s inspire each other! Film credit: colorfoolfilms.comSponsor @boxwheelchairs

COMING SOON: Disabling Ableism

Published: Friday August 20, 2021
picture taken from behind alycia delivering her tedx south lake tahoe speech to the crowd

“Everything you’ve ever wanted is sitting on the other side of fear.” George Addair  A very good friend of mine has been reminding me of this all year. POWERFUL. In this I have made very deliberate and intentional choices to push through my many fears to uncover what might be on other side and it’s … read more… COMING SOON: Disabling Ableism

AccessibilityPlus Virtual Event!

Published: Tuesday August 17, 2021
Alycia Anderson im the mc at AccessibilityPlus 2021 the global conference how businesses empower accessibility and why they should october twelth through fourteenth twenty twenty one link to accessibilityplus dot live

I will be MC’ing the AccessibilityPlus virtual event showcasing strategies on how to make your business more accessible. I cant think of a better way to take action during Disability Employment Awareness Month in October than attending this conference! Check out the event details and speaker lineup! AccessibilityPlus a virtual event showcasing how to make … read more… AccessibilityPlus Virtual Event!

Episode 63: Diversity & Inclusion – Alycia Anderson

Published: Tuesday August 17, 2021
image of alycia promoting the apartments on the go podcast featuring diversity and inclusion

Apartments on the go Episode 63 with Alycia Anderson just dropped today! In this episode, Alycia, a motivational speaker and diversity and inclusion advocate, informs on how companies within the multifamily industry can insure they are being inclusive to those who are disabled. She highlights the benefits of it and tells her own personal story as proof!


Published: Saturday August 7, 2021
i am a proud doncon speaker

I was invited to speak at #DonCon this weekend on inclusion and accessibility rights. The theory of inclusion of people with disabilities is not possible without access so this is a VERY important conversation . This is an event put on by our youth. High school and college leaders and change-makers! #DONCON Mission: “In the age of … read more… #DONCON

That’s a wrap!

Published: Sunday August 1, 2021
masha filming alycia in her short my story documentary

That’s a wrap! I had an amazing opportunity to partner with the team at Colorfool Films to shoot a short documentary film on my story and mission! This a group of filmmakers who “believe stories change the world by telling stories in an authentic, cinematic and compassionate way to drive the biggest possible impact.” YES … read more… That’s a wrap!