The foundation of my life.

Published: Sunday May 10, 2020
alycia as a young girl with her mother

“Do the best you can with what you are given and go for it with a smile” this the foundation of my life. A lesson from my parents early on. She was in heaven less that two years after this photo was taken. Her wish to my Dad that I grow to be a strong, … read more… The foundation of my life.


Published: Tuesday January 14, 2020
screenshot of linkedin page with an icon of a girl in a wheelchair

Sales kick off at Knock with a speaker/training from LinkedIn and this slide obviously completely caught my eye. Six LinkedIn member types represented AND the image that represents “job” work, productivity, personal accomplishment, success, independence, and financial freedom is not only a woman 👏 but a woman who uses a wheelchair 👏 to make it all happen. OMG … read more… Progress!

Inclusion in the Workplace

Published: Friday October 11, 2019

Communication is key to tap into the competitive advantages of an inclusive workplace. Please check out this article published on LinkedIn!

The Empowerment of an Inclusive Workplace

Published: Thursday October 10, 2019
fleishman hillard logo

Thank you FleishmanHillard for inviting me to give a talk today to share my thoughts on the important of an inclusive and diverse workplace and all its many benefits. Your forward thinking, creativity and proactivity on the subject within your organization is something to model. This was a great day! ♥️

“Life Balance Takes Bravery”

Published: Monday September 30, 2019
pacific charter institute logo

“Life Balance Takes Bravery” a talk that focuses on work-life balance and the bravery it takes to obtain it. Thank you Pacific Charter Institute for having me. ♥️#keynote

Product Marketing World Summit

alycia on stage with other panelists at the product marketing summit

A great success and opportunity to share the importance of embracing a diverse & inclusive workplace and its many benefits at the Product Marketing Summit World Series in San Francisco. Communication is key…Lets talk about it! #PMM with Michael Richter (Oracle), Sritej Velaga (Oracle) and Elena Coley (Google).

Inclusivity Removes Invisibility

Published: Friday April 26, 2019
alycia speaking on stage at creative mornings with a q and a slide next to her

At Creative Mornings in Sacramento I speak on the historic invisibility of the community living with disability and how this relates to all of us.