Accessibility + #NDEAM

Published: Tuesday October 18, 2022
Alycia riding the elevator up to the stage to speak. Wearing all black with a bun in hair looking up.

Over 1.4 billion people #Worldwide#Identify as #Disabled. #Disability is the one #Identity that can and is likely to happen to all of us at some point in life (full stop). ⭐️️ #Accessibility is a path to freedom, independence and should be a basic human right. Accessibility at #Work allows everyone the full human experience: ✔️ #Career dream chasing✔️ True equal #Opportunities✔️ The chance to climb up the #Professional ladder to … read more

Thank you so much to Optimere for having me back for the 2nd time (yay)

Published: Friday October 14, 2022

Thank you so much to Optimere for having me back for the 2nd time (yay) to celebrate National Disability Employment Awareness Month #NDEAM and for giving me the floor to share my speech “A Look at Intersectionality Through the Lens of Disability.” 🎤 Thank you so much for all you do in the #Inclusion & #Equity space and for being the leading provider … read more

Thank you AAA!

Published: Wednesday October 12, 2022
Alycia in studio giving speech to AAA NorthEast Team

Had a blast spending time with AAA NorthEast Team & SatermanConnect! Thanks for inviting me to be a part of your speaker series and for including disability and mental health as part of your DEI curriculum! 

Goodbye #Euphemisms and a welcomed hello to who I actually am #Disabled

Published: Tuesday October 4, 2022

Goodbye #Euphemisms and a welcomed hello to who I actually am. #Disabled Being disabled is not all that I am BUT it is part of who I am …full stop. Being disabled is a powerful part of my identity. Just the same as being a woman is also a powerful part of my identity. Both are important and … read more

 #Accessibility features!

Published: Tuesday October 4, 2022

Can anyone say #Accessibility features!? Well done #Subaru for doing what you say and saying what you do! This is the most #Accessible car and #Inclusive car buying experience, I have EVER experienced! Like ever! ✅ Adaptive #Tech (ease of use game changer!) ✅ Adaptive driving tools (wow incredible) ✅ Adaptive hatchback settings (literally life changing!) ✅ Rebate for my hand control installation (never happens!) … read more

Oh yeah! National Disability Employment Awareness Month(NDEAM)! 

Published: Monday October 3, 2022

Oh yeah! It’s October and that means it’s National Disability Employment Awareness Month(NDEAM)!  October is a month to raise awareness of the employment needs and contributions of individuals with all types of disabilities that can be carried on throughout the year! It’s a month to educate and empower employers and employees about the need for … read more

Disability Solutions: Changing Minds and Changing Lives – Episode 19

Published: Thursday September 15, 2022
disability solutions logo

I enjoyed spending time with Kevin McCloskey on the Changing Minds and Changing Lives podcast by Disability Solutions. I shared about my life and business ventures as well as how I navigated my way through my career in the corporate workforce.

United Spinal Association #StrongWheeled Together Awards Finalist

Published: Wednesday September 7, 2022

I am so excited to have been selected as a finalist for the #StrongWheeled Together awards in the entrepreneurship & innovation category! Read about the finalist announcement on the United Spinal Association’s website. Voting is now open to the public to decide the winner, so, please give me a vote by going to my YouTube … read more

WomanUP!® 2022 National Conference!

Published: Tuesday September 6, 2022
ID: Alycia sitting in her wheelchair sitting on stage wearing read giving Heart of Inclusion speech presentation.

Last week the WomanUP!® 2022 National Conference invited me to be the keynote speaker and close out their multi day event for them! The WomanUP! organization, is an initiative of the California Association of REALTORS®, which supports the journey of women to the very TOP of their careers. They asked me to share my story … read more

Embrace It: Episode 35 – Alycia Anderson, Disabling Ableism

Published: Friday September 2, 2022
alycia anderson disabling ableism embrace it with laine and estella

Real-life friends, Lainie Ishbia from, & Estela Lugo from the Hereditary Neuropathy Foundation, are real, raw & perfectly imperfect in their informal discussions about the trials & tribulations of living with disabilities. Both women wear leg braces due to chronic neuromuscular conditions and are passionate about helping others feel confident in their own skin. … read more