“Be the Change You Wish to See in the World”-Mahatma Gandhi

On the 30th Anniversary of American’s with Disabilities Act, I’m thankful for the advocates that bravely crawled up the steps of the Capitol building when there was no access demanding to be seen and heard. Demanding for the equality of basic human rights for all. For them…I can go to work without being discriminated against and earn livelihood the same as you. I have access to education, medical care, services and infrastructure. I can park my car and have the space I need to put my wheelchair together (and yep that’s what that space is for) I have access to public bathrooms with space for my wheelchair to close the stall door and have equal privacy just like you (yep that’s what that was built for also) I can drive. I can fly. I can travel. I can study abroad on scholarships. I have access to mobility equipment, wheelchairs, sport wheelchairs, hand cycles and adapted sports programs. I can access life just like you. It’s not ok to excluded me or place judgement on what you think I can or cannot do. That’s up to ME to decide. It’s not ok to tell me no and leave me on the sidelines and offer me less than another. I was 15 years old when this powerful and most important civil rights legislation was finally passed …1990! Why did it take us so long to care about me…to care about WE. ADA is here for ALL of us. If ever you find yourself in need of it for a moment or forever like me, it’s here. Let’s celebrate today the freedom ADA gifts us as Americans. I will “be the change I wish to see in the world” There is still so much work to do but I’m so hopeful and grateful and I will continue to do my part everyday single day! ♥️

The foundation of my life.

“Do the best you can with what you are given and go for it with a smile” this the foundation of my life. A lesson from my parents early on. She was in heaven less that two years after this photo was taken. Her wish to my Dad that I grow to be a strong, independent, adaptable, capable, confident, empowered woman. But what is astounding is the massive impact she had on in such a very short time. Setting the foundation to BELIEVE anything is possible. That I belong in the world just the same as everyone else. That it’s so important to “PUSH MYSELF” every single day straight into anything I wish for in this life. So that one day when they are both gone I would be ok… I am.  I’m me because of you mama. Happy Mother’s Day to the most beautiful mother ever whose impact was massive in the very short time we had together on Earth. I love you so much and thank you for your gifts, protection and guidance from heaven. 💐


Sales kick off at Knock with a speaker/training from LinkedIn and this slide obviously completely caught my eye. Six LinkedIn member types represented AND the image that represents “job” work, productivity, personal accomplishment, success, independence, and financial freedom is not only a woman 👏 but a woman who uses a wheelchair 👏 to make it all happen.

OMG WHAT!!!! This speaks volumes to where we are headed as a society and what we believe is possible in ourselves and others. Here I’m represented publicly as a professional and a productive member of our society and it means EVERYTHING to me!

Looks like I have new speech content, thank you Jeff Weiner and team. What an amazing unforgettable moment for me as a business executive, motivator, speaker and successful strong woman in a wheelchair! Our differences are our strengths & our opportunity. The way we choose to market our companies, products, and people is powerful and pushes forward professional change and opens the doors to possibilities and opportunities for all. We then believe in not only ourselves but others. Well done LinkedIn!