Published: Saturday February 20, 2021
alycia with other people on a zoom call

IMPACT. I shared time yesterday with the @triphazard.usa Team. Invited as their speaker to share my “The Heart of Inclusion” message.TripHazard a concrete/asphalt company with many offerings, one being ADA projects by way of ramps, accessible parking, curved curbs & way more than I can intelligently speak too. Please check them out! I realized when … read more


Published: Sunday February 14, 2021
alycia smiling making a heart shape with her hands

Every human being hopes to leave a positive mark on the world, no matter how big or small. In sharing my story, I am called to help broaden the lens in which we see and believe through. Providing a peek for those that are curious about how it is to live a life like mine, … read more

“The LifeLong Customer”

Published: Thursday January 28, 2021
the lifelong customer logo

Coming soon! I had a fun interview today with Brad Hammond on his new PodCast #lifelongcustomer We explored the art of building long lasting partner relationships! A topic close to my heart and why I love what I do so much! Making connections with YOU! And a BIG cherry on top, I got to share all the amazing things … read more

I get asked a lot: What is your platfrom messaging?

Published: Sunday January 24, 2021
heart of inclusion diagram drawing

Fun to share the imagery created from my session two weeks ago when I spoke at ASU ShapingEDU Winter Games Event! A great visual of some key components of my “The Heart of Inclusion” talk! Art by Graphic Recording Studio

ASU ShapingEDU Winter Games-Virtual Event

Published: Wednesday January 6, 2021
alycia featured on asu website

“Thank you so much for sharing your story Alycia! I laughed. I cried. I am so moved and inspired by you.” #ASU #grateful Thank you so much Arizona State University, Shaping EDU Winter Games virtual event for having me as your keynote! Im literally in awe and so thankful that I have the honor to speak … read more

Happy New Year!

Published: Thursday December 31, 2020
happy new year glasses

Happy New Year and a great wish of positivity and power and confidence and health and safety and amazing things for our future together in 2021! Im so proud of everyone for doing the very best that we could this year! Love and light and hugs from us to you! Happy 2021!

Happy Holiday Season!

Published: Friday December 25, 2020
alycia unwrapping a christmas present of barbie doll in a wheelchair

On a year that we have all faced so many unknowns and wild uncertain days in our own personal ways. There have been for me and I would assume for a lot of us, a sliver lining that has propelled change, adapting, growth, belief and understanding in someone else. Where we maybe decide to shoot … read more

ICO Companies – “Adapting to Change Event”

Published: Friday November 20, 2020
alycia at her desk preparing to deliver a speech to ico companies

Being invited to speak at ICO Companies end of year summit with a theme of “Adapting to change” I love this. It ties in so well with my message on inclusion and is something that  I have had to do and overcome my entire life which is adapt to an ever changing world.   And when I … read more

FPI Management -Virtual HEART Summit

Published: Tuesday November 17, 2020
alycia on monitor with slide the heart of inclusion

Yesterday was awesome! I was invited to speak in front my multifamily family at FPI Management, Virtual Heart Summit, where I delivered my “Heart of Inclusion” speech for the first time! Grateful for the opportunity and so beyond grateful for literally each one of them! The LOVE is real! ❤️ It was truly an honor … read more

“I have always worked”

Published: Friday October 30, 2020
the cover of the new mobility magazine from may 1998 with alycia as a waitress and titled got a job

I have always worked My first job, the first waitress in a wheelchair. An experiment on inclusion WAY before inclusion was a thing. It took an openminded forward thinking company to embark on such a journey and a huge part, my willingness to try. I would stun my guests carrying 15 margaritas on my lap as I weaved through … read more