Personal Stories

Happy 31st BDay ADA!

Published: Monday July 26, 2021
alycia holding her hands above her head in front of a mural of wings painted on a wall

Today marks the 31st anniversary of the signing of the Americans with Disabilities Act from which I have been granted my wings to fly freely along side 61 million others in United States living with a disability in this life. 26% (1 in 4) adults in the United States have some type of disability. #ADA one … read more… Happy 31st BDay ADA!

“Inclusion …Imagine Possible!”

Published: Thursday June 24, 2021
alycia displayed on a laptop screen pointing at a picture of john lennon painted by her father

“Inclusion …Imagine Possible!” Art by Peter Busciglio (my Papa)♥️Speech by Alycia Anderson (me) ☺️ Next week is go time! Competition Theme: Fathers. The men who shaped us!! Speaker Slam LA #Inclusion#Imagine#Possible

I am competing at Speaker Slam!

Published: Wednesday June 9, 2021
alycia on speaker slam marketing banner

I am so proud to announce that I am competing at Speaker Slam: The Online Speaking Competition. The theme of the event is Fathers: The Men Who Shape Us! My Father, my Papa challenged me to be brave. He guided me in seeing clearly the endless possibilities we are offered as we overcome life’s biggest  … read more… I am competing at Speaker Slam!

Exercise therapy!

Published: Thursday May 6, 2021
alycia in excersise clothes pointing at a big hill behind her

I was asked the other day in an interview “Alycia how do you stay grounded with all that you have going on.” Easy, I strap weights on my wrists, turn up the tunes and I “PUSH” hard straight up as many hills as I can possibly find for an hour at least. Equaling a clear … read more… Exercise therapy!

I get asked a lot: What is your platfrom messaging?

Published: Sunday January 24, 2021
heart of inclusion diagram drawing

Fun to share the imagery created from my session two weeks ago when I spoke at ASU ShapingEDU Winter Games Event! A great visual of some key components of my “The Heart of Inclusion” talk! Art by Graphic Recording Studio

Happy New Year!

Published: Thursday December 31, 2020
happy new year glasses

Happy New Year and a great wish of positivity and power and confidence and health and safety and amazing things for our future together in 2021! Im so proud of everyone for doing the very best that we could this year! Love and light and hugs from us to you! Happy 2021!

Happy Holiday Season!

Published: Friday December 25, 2020
alycia unwrapping a christmas present of barbie doll in a wheelchair

On a year that we have all faced so many unknowns and wild uncertain days in our own personal ways. There have been for me and I would assume for a lot of us, a sliver lining that has propelled change, adapting, growth, belief and understanding in someone else. Where we maybe decide to shoot … read more… Happy Holiday Season!

“I have always worked”

Published: Friday October 30, 2020
the cover of the new mobility magazine from may 1998 with alycia as a waitress and titled got a job

I have always worked My first job, the first waitress in a wheelchair. An experiment on inclusion WAY before inclusion was a thing. It took an openminded forward thinking company to embark on such a journey and a huge part, my willingness to try. I would stun my guests carrying 15 margaritas on my lap as I weaved through … read more… “I have always worked”