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3 Year Anniversary

Published: Friday October 27, 2023
Alycia and Marty business partners sitting in wheelchairs smiling outside in the city with their dog Milo on their lap wearing black Image is celebrating 3 years in business with a quote that says I’m right sizing workplace obstacles to open minds hearts environments and opportunities to a world of possibility

This week, we’re celebrating 3 years in business! The Alycia Anderson Company, LLC is a disabled owned/ woman owned business. I’m so proud of that!

We are a small team but a mighty one.

We advocate for disability inclusion and accessibility in the workplace through our award winning keynote offerings, through our micro-learning trainings & facilitations, through our podcast Pushing Forward with Alycia and through our advocacy and partnerships with 100s of amazing clients, brands and industries over the years.

Our goal is simple, to “widen pathway of opportunities” for others with disabilities. In hopes their climb into the perfect career, into their dreams, into their purpose, won’t be so hard or seem as impossible.

We’ve faced a ton of challenges, celebrated so many dreams come true victories, and learned a ton along the way. But the most rewarding part for me has been the opportunity to serve our customers and the disabled community alongside my partner Marsten Anderson.

The support and trust in us by all of you out there has been the catalyst of our success and the motivation that fuels us to keep going. We are so grateful for your loyalty and belief in our message and we promise to continue delivering the high-quality service and impact you’ve come to expect from us.

As we roll into our fourth year, we’re so excited about the future and the opportunities it holds.

Thank you so very much for being a part of our journey!