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Pushing Forward with Alycia | A Disability Podcast

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pushing forward with alycia podcast tile logo

Hello! I’m Alycia Anderson and I’m so excited to share my new podcast with you! I am a disabled motivational speaker advocating for diversity, equity and inclusion. My disability hasn’t stopped me from becoming an international Tedx motivational speaker, entrepreneur, CEO, wife and so much more. I hope to help you push through life’s adversities and reach your dreams with my podcast, “Pushing Forward with Alycia Anderson”! Each week, we’ll explore trending topics around DEI+disability, digital accessibility, workplace inclusion, disabling ableism. We’ll talk about timely stories that are happening right now like airlines and disability discrimination, and celebrating Disability Pride Month in July, plus stories of resilience, and success against all odds. I hope you’ll give it a listen.

~ Alycia Anderson

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Pushing Forward with Alycia

This podcast gives disability a voice! Alycia shares powerful personal stories of growing up with a disability. How her family, including her able bodied twin sister, fought for accessibility in education, adaptive sports, and workplace inclusion

Our mission is to be a safe space to learn, share, and ask questions. There are no wrong questions here! Alycia will interview other people with disabilities, diversity advocates, and allies with a goal of teaching, learning, and overcoming.

How does disability fit inside diversity, equity, and inclusion?

Alycia talks about living with a disability from a diversity, equity and inclusion lens

She’s a DEI educator and advocate, a motivational speaker, and a mighty voice for change. Whether you’re a person with a disability, someone who wants to be a stronger disability advocate, or a company striving to be a more inclusive employer, you’ll learn something and you’ll leave every episode inspired! 

Alycia answers questions like:

  • What is ableism?
  • How does ableism affect society?
  • How do we disable ableism?
  • What does diversity and inclusion really mean? 
  • What is disability diversity?
  • What is workplace inclusion? 
  • What is digital accessibility and why is it important?
  • How can I avoid inspiration porn?
  • What is disability awareness training?
  • What is intersectionality?

You’ll quickly learn Alycia’s internal fire burns brightly! She’s authentic, unguarded and on a mission to use her life experiences to make a difference. Every episode will feature an inspiring story of pushing forward, overcoming adversity, and living full out! Because that’s how Alycia rolls.

Pushing Forward with Alycia
Now live, with new episodes every Thursday!