Here are 8 Ways to Include Disability In DEI Efforts

Published: Thursday July 20, 2023
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Many people may not know that July is Disability Pride Month, a commemorative celebration of the Americans with Disabilities Act being signed into law in 1990. That same year, Boston held the nation’s first Disability Pride Day. Since then, there have been regular celebrations across the country, from Los Angeles and San Francisco to New York City.

Intersectionality, Ableism, and Breaking the Glass Ceiling

Published: Thursday June 1, 2023
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26% of people have a disability (1 in 4 Americans), yet it’s estimated that less than 6% of the national housing supply is designed to be accessible. Recognizing the relationships that exist between disability, intersectionality, and the glass ceilings that have yet to be broken in multifamily and the workplace are important concepts to understand … read more… Intersectionality, Ableism, and Breaking the Glass Ceiling


Published: Tuesday July 26, 2022
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THE CORPORATE HOUSING PROVIDERS ASSOCIATION (CHPA) IS EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE THE OPENING KEYNOTE SPEAKER FOR THE 2023 ANNUAL CONFERENCE: ALYCIA ANDERSON. Published on Tuesday, July 26th, 2022 by Hannah Derleth Indianapolis, Ind., July 26, 2022: The Corporate Housing Providers Association (CHPA) is excited to announce the opening keynote speaker for the 2023 Annual Conference: Alycia Anderson. Alycia is … read more… CHPA ANNOUNCES THE OPENING KEYNOTE SPEAKER FOR THE 2023 ANNUAL CONFERENCE

GNAA Magazine Feature!

Published: Wednesday June 1, 2022
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“The opportunity in multifamily to pave the paths forward to inclusion is there every day.” Thank you Greater Nashville Apartment Association – GNAA Magazine for this feature! Full article link below. Page 15! ?? MANAGEMENT Q&A with Alycia Anderson Who are you and what do you do? I am a TEDx speaker, founder and CEO … read more… GNAA Magazine Feature!

Getting to Know: Alycia Anderson

Published: Wednesday March 30, 2022
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As a corporate consultant and the owner of her own company, Alycia Anderson crafts speeches and corporate policies that advocate accessibility and inclusion. (Photos by Andrew Calisterio) A Roseville-based disability advocate encourages corporate America to rethink accessibility Comstock’s Magazine MAR 30, 2022 By Vanessa Labi In the opening lines of her 2021 talk for TEDx South … read more… Getting to Know: Alycia Anderson

My Exclusive Interview With Monsido

Published: Friday January 14, 2022
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Exclusive Interview With Accessibility Advocate and Inclusion Champion Alycia Anderson As we kick off 2022, digital and web accessibility continues to be a hot-button issue, especially amongst those in the accessibility community. And while, we at Monsido talk a lot about the “how-to’s” of improving your website accessibility – we wanted to shine a spotlight … read more… My Exclusive Interview With Monsido

Chico State News Today

Published: Monday December 27, 2021
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5 QUESTIONS WITH ALUMNA AND MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER ALYCIA ANDERSON NEESA SONOQUIE DECEMBER 22, 2021 Alycia Anderson (Physical Education, ’05) is a tennis player, cyclist, and identical twin. She also was born with sacral agenesis, a congenital disability affecting her spine, and has used a wheelchair all her life. After a successful career in technology sales, … read more… Chico State News Today