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Alycia's Appearances

A Journey of Advocacy and Empowerment: My Experience on Kimberly Daya’s Podcast

Published: Thursday May 23, 2024
alycia anderson sitting at interview table with humanity unlocked light and microphone and headset

Appearing on Kimberly Daya’s podcast was a deeply personal and empowering experience. I shared my journey overcoming sacral agenesis and highlighted the importance of representation, accessibility, and allyship. Our conversation emphasized the need for inclusive environments and the power of collective action in fostering empathy and understanding. Kimberly’s platform exemplifies allyship, amplifying diverse voices and promoting a vision of a more inclusive future.

“Listen for Real” Podcast with Jen Oliver

Published: Monday May 20, 2024
listen for real with jen oliver the antidote to the echo chamber

In this episode of “Listen for Real” podcast, Jen Oliver and I foster an authentic conversations that drives personal transformation around the misconceptions about ability and disability. Jen emphasizes the power of honest dialogue to create deeper connections and community, and she invited me to join her on this journey of real conversations, offering insights and challenging the echo chamber. Listen to this episode for our thought-provoking discussion.

My Episode with Jillian Curwin on Always Looking Up

Published: Monday March 18, 2024
jillian curwins always looking up podcast tile

In a recent episode of Jillian Curwin’s “Always Looking Up” podcast, Alycia reflects on her experience before hosting Curwin on her own show. They delve into disability advocacy, Alycia’s leadership choices, DEI efforts, and the importance of brands listening to disabled voices. Alycia emphasizes the power of boldness.

Including Disability in DEI Efforts – RIMScast Podcast

Published: Wednesday August 16, 2023
rimscast podcast banner for episode including disability in your dei efforts with alycia anderson

Thank you RIMS (Risk and Insurance Management Society, Inc.) for inviting me to be a guest on the RIMScast podcast! My guest appearance on this episode is all about, including disability in your DEI efforts, and opening the discussion for risk management professionals and business leaders to better understand disability awareness in extending the dialogue from … read more… Including Disability in DEI Efforts – RIMScast Podcast

Influential Advocacy: Disabling Ableism One Stage at a Time

Published: Friday July 7, 2023
influential advocacy disabling ablesim one stage at a time youtube coverart

I had the pleasure of sharing a LinkedIn live event with Cam Beaudoin with accelerated accessibility to talk all about disabling ableism, and my journey to becoming a Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility motivational speaker. Cam brought a lively energy to the discussion and asked me a range of questions from personal to business. I … read more… Influential Advocacy: Disabling Ableism One Stage at a Time

All You Have to Do is Go For It

Published: Monday May 22, 2023
redefining disability podcast logo

Move United’s – Redefining Disability Podcast Let’s be real—people are unfamiliar with people with disabilities. At Move United, we believe sports have the power to change the world, pushing people further and bringing people closer. Through adaptive sports, we show what people with disabilities are capable of, fuel candid conversations, and incite the action it … read more… All You Have to Do is Go For It

Accessibility is Human

Published: Tuesday May 9, 2023
human centered podcast banner image with alycia

Hummingbird Humanity’s – Human Centered Leading Podcast Hummingbird Humanity is excited to launch our new leadership series, Human Centered Leading, in January 2023 — to have conversations where leaders are human. Each month, our founder and CEO, Brian McComak, will serve as host and moderator with two accomplished leaders to talk about how their lived … read more… Accessibility is Human

Cultivating Women Leaders in Multifamily

Published: Thursday September 29, 2022
cultivating women leaders in multifamily

In honor of Women’s History Month, Grace Hill pulled together a powerhouse panel of women leaders in multifamily to discuss: the challenges they’ve faced in their careers, the tools they’ve used to overcome them, and what they believe the industry can do to cultivate even stronger women leaders for the future. The panel was moderated … read more… Cultivating Women Leaders in Multifamily

Disability Solutions: Changing Minds and Changing Lives – Episode 19

Published: Thursday September 15, 2022
disability solutions logo

I enjoyed spending time with Kevin McCloskey on the Changing Minds and Changing Lives podcast by Disability Solutions. I shared about my life and business ventures as well as how I navigated my way through my career in the corporate workforce.

Embrace It: Episode 35 – Alycia Anderson, Disabling Ableism

Published: Friday September 2, 2022
alycia anderson disabling ableism embrace it with laine and estella

Real-life friends, Lainie Ishbia from Trend-Able.com, & Estela Lugo from the Hereditary Neuropathy Foundation, are real, raw & perfectly imperfect in their informal discussions about the trials & tribulations of living with disabilities. Both women wear leg braces due to chronic neuromuscular conditions and are passionate about helping others feel confident in their own skin. … read more… Embrace It: Episode 35 – Alycia Anderson, Disabling Ableism