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Embrace It: Episode 35 – Alycia Anderson, Disabling Ableism

Published: Friday September 2, 2022

Real-life friends, Lainie Ishbia from, & Estela Lugo from the Hereditary Neuropathy Foundation, are real, raw & perfectly imperfect in their informal discussions about the trials & tribulations of living with disabilities. Both women wear leg braces due to chronic neuromuscular conditions and are passionate about helping others feel confident in their own skin.

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In this rich and fun episode, this competitive tennis player, cyclist, identical twin, and a wheelchair user since birth, shares her journey from being the first waitress in a wheelchair all the way to training global companies on how to build diverse, inclusive, and accessible workplaces and culture. And that’s how she rolls!

alycia anderson disabling ableism embrace it with laine and estella

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