embracing disability inclusion leadership workshop

Disability Inclusive Leadership Training

embracing disability inclusion leadership workshop

The Alycia Anderson Company has been hard at work developing entry and enterprise level trainings to help break down the barriers to disability inclusion in our society and at our places of work. We are now offering a range of options to help your organizations succeed in disability inclusion and to help dismantle and disable ableism in your lives and places of work.

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Our Embracing Disability Inclusion Leadership Workshop is a culmination of our experiences in working as disabled employees in the workforce for decades and a mix of all we have been learning in speaking to companies globally for the past several years. We believe for true disability inclusive initiatives to take hold at companies, institutions and organizations it needs to start with buy in from the leaders who run them.

Embracing Disability Inclusive Leadership Workshop

The idea of disability inclusion in the workforce at wide scale is brand new and your leadership needs training and education on why it is so vital to your businesses.

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Disability Inclusive Leadership is a management approach that actively seeks to integrate individuals with disabilities and accessibility practices into the fabric of an organization. It recognizes the abilities, perspectives, talents, expertise and values found in the disabled workforce that contribute to an organization’s success and can be leveraged strategically to lead to innovation.

Alycia is leading the way

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For those of you who follow my story, see my posts online, have heard my TEDx Talk, listen to my podcast or know me via working relationships … you know that I’m an advocate for disability inclusion in our workforces and in society at large. 

As a lifetime wheelchair user, I worked my way through a career spanning over 30 years in Corporate America from a waitress in a wheelchair to a vice-president of sales in technology. Over six years ago I decided it was time for me to share these lived experiences with the world, accepting and owning up to the fact that I bring a special kind of know-how to these conversations.

I now speak fulltime to companies globally about the inherent benefits of disability inclusion, how it leads to innovation, builds brand equity and opens opportunities to serve the needs of the world’s largest minority group.

And now, having spoken with nearing 150 corporations, organizations and institutions as a motivational disability inclusion speaker worldwide, I have proven the impact and demand for this discussion in the workplace.