This is what people are saying about me.

Saffy Johnson

Disability Inclusion Alliance Co-Chair

Blue Shield of California

“Alycia Anderson is an absolutely stellar motivational speaker and collaborator! Serving as our guest keynote speaker, Alycia Anderson joined Blue Shield of California’s ‘Disability Inclusion Alliance’ employee resource group at their inaugural signature event in July 2023. From start to finish, Alycia was proactive in communication, collaboration, and thoughtfully crafting a keynote that aligned with the goals of our program. She partnered closely with our leads to understand our needs, develop her speaking points, and coordinate to join us live in office.

On the day of our event, Alycia and her partner Marty joined us early to prepare and navigate the intricacies of a live hybrid event. She was gracious, warm, welcoming, and professional – all stakeholders involved shared unanimous praise for her at the conclusion of our event. Her keynote address spoke about the dangers of ableism, the discrimination and social prejudice against people with disabilities, and the role we all play when it comes to diversity, equity, inclusion, and access. A truly moving piece, post-event survey responses from our attendees consistently shared that the event was “was inspirational and informative. Well done!”.

We so enjoyed partnering with Alycia Anderson and would strongly recommend her to any organization looking for a compelling and inspiring keynote speaker that goes above and beyond to partner in creating an exceptional program.”

Christina Clark – Siegfried, CPM

Property Management Consultant, Trainer

Christina Clark Consulting

“Alycia has a can do attitude every day. You never hear her complain. Although she has had to overcome many obstacles and in societies eyes she is considered to have a physical challenge; to know her you would not know she has any challenges in accomplishing anything she sets her mind to. My first encounter with Alycia was at a business social event. There was a large hill we all had to walk up. Alycia would accept help from no one as she was determined to maintain her independence. I have been with her at many social events over the past 8 years and not once was there a barrier that she did not find a way to overcome. I have had the honor to hear her present her speech on inclusion and how people look through her instead of at her. All she has ever wanted was a chance to be included. She will figure out the challenges and barriers. She told me a storybook that she had written about a dragon with a broken wing. Her dream was to turn it into a series of books to help children overcome their challenges. I look forward to the day when I can read her books. She has the ability to inspire all people to take a chance and try one more thing in life. She makes you believe you can overcome any challenge. She makes you believe that you control your destiny if you put your mind to and think about how to move forward through the challenges. Alycia is more independent and self reliant then individuals with no challenges to overcome. She makes you take notice of the little things that can make a difference in each others lives. Kindness and care are always in her message as it should be for all of us. I am honored to have her as a friend and business associate; but most of all I am honored to have had the opportunity to learn from her message.”

Brad Parks

Founder of Wheelchair Tennis

Tennis Hall of Famer

“I first met Alycia and her twin sister, Regina when they were 4 years old. Her parents brought the girls to our first wheelchair tennis exhibition and clinic where we announced the formation of the National Foundation for Wheelchair Tennis to begin the development of the sport. Alycia’s mom asked if I would teach the girls to play tennis. I agreed and taught them for a couple years until she could no longer bring them due to her illness. By then we had a sports camp for a week during spring break and she attended every year. From the very beginning at 4 years old, I knew Alycia was special. She was a great athlete with a very determined will, a passion to succeed, and there was no way her disability was going to prevent her from accomplishing her goals. It is these traits which have enabled her to become so accomplished in life today. I always knew she would go on to do great things with her life and I am so proud of who she has become. Her testimony will impact many people’s lives.”

Nina Loyola

Senior Manager Professional Services

Knock CRM

“I have had the privilege of working along side Alycia for the last 7 years and in that time, I have been blessed with a partner, a friend, but mostly a role model in my life. I am personally inspired by Alycia’s insanely best attitude, tenacity, and dedication all while being a force that can always stay just so humble, grounded and be just so personable with everyone and every interaction. Alycia is someone who crushes goals because she is so genuine and thoughtful in all that she does that success just comes naturally. I really appreciate having Alycia as an accountability partner, a reminder of staying humble, an enforcer of dedication, and overall an inspiration to be the best version of me. I’ve been lucky to partner with her over several years and have witnessed first hand the impact she has not just on me but on everyone around her. Alycia cultivates a positive atmosphere wherever she goes, she is a culture changer, and an inspiration for us all.”

Lisa Tufano Bourie

Strategic Partnerships and Special Projects

Knock CRM

“Alycia is such an amazing woman. I had always heard great things about her in the multifamily industry (along with her twin sister, Regina) from mutual friends and customers, but we didn’t have many opportunities to cross paths until she joined the sales team at Knock. Alycia models leadership, excellence and an understanding of what drives positive results in life, both professionally and personally. Her willingness to be so vulnerable and candidly share her unique perspective with others is such a gift to society. Her message is designed to help us build bridges and stronger relationships with others as well as within ourselves, and her voice serves as a gentle, but firm, call for better understanding and collaboration in a world that can sometimes struggle to embrace the differences we perceive in others.”

Darcey Forbes

Head Real Estate Operations

Renew Residential

“I’ve known Alycia’s story since the day I met her and I was immediately connected to her and her family. I knew she had an inspiring story to tell the world. When she spoke to our company about inclusion I was not only a friend in the audience but her biggest fan and was inspired all over again. To see her package and deliver her message was so incredible for me to see and so many of my teammates moved by her message.
She inspires everyone around her with her passion for helping people and to inform others what a diverse and inclusive society looks like. She is widening doorways and opening hearts and minds.”

Christina Treadaway

Executive Vice President

FPI Management

“I just adore Alycia, always have! We met years ago in the Bay Area through work. I was introduced by Regina, Alycia’s twin, and IMMEDIATELY felt connected to Alycia’s qualities that are beautiful gifts to both she and her sister – heart, hustle, kindness, depth, caring, and fun. Beyond those, Alycia has a bold spirit of love, compassion and truth.
I have always been inspired by Alycia’s openness, positive attitude and drive. She is a natural motivator and friend. I am so thrilled to see Alycia’s path evolve beyond typical professional success, to making a difference in people’s lives and behavior. What a blessing to witness this dynamic woman’s open, humble and passionate journey.”

Adrianne Bauer


Trip Hazard

“Alycia’s heartfelt message helped me understand how important and transformative the work we do at Trip Hazard is. While we always use ADA as our North Star, to see the actual impact drives home how important the work we do is!
As I have known Alycia for quite a while, the bravery and courage to tell the story behind who she is, is both inspiring and something EVERYONE needs to know!
Well done – thanks for making me see with different eyes, how much courage and strength you bring to the world!”

Steve Wunch

Multifamily Learning & Development Professional/Industry Ninja

Wunch Keynotes & Consulting

“Alycia’s message about Diversity and Inclusion will not only inspire YOU to see the world differently…it might just inspire and change your organizations approach to Diversity & Inclusion in the workplace. With a focus on Multifamily, Alycia is spreading a message of love and a mantra of “see people…ALL people and INCLUDE them…make sure you have a seat for them at the table…and that the table is accessible for all!” She’s amazing, I’m privileged to call her friend, and I couldn’t recommend anyone better qualified to speak regarding D&I than Alycia Anderson!”

Corinna (Busciglio) Kamilli

Director of Communications | Technology

Arizona State University

“Alycia is such a strong, inspiring woman! She always takes a can do attitude and accomplishes all things she sets her mind to! She is the best sister, best friend, best confidant anyone could ever ask for. She is my hero and your family could not be more proud of you! Love you sis!”

Tricia Juanitas

Art Director


“Absolutely incredible! It’s been over an hour and people are still talking about how moving your presentation was. In the hallways, in their meetings, you nailed it!”

Rebecca Plumb



“The inspiring Alycia kicked off by saying this topic is uncomfortable, but there are worse consequences when we don’t talk to the person about their experiences. We must give individuals the chance to be seen.”

Christi Dobbins

Senior Director of Product Management

Grace Hill

“Seriously! Such an inspirational session today. Alycia has a true gift at getting her message across with such grace and power!”

Teresa Athan

“SCTEM loved having you speak Alycia, it was the most fantastic way to end our conference with you rounding out and bringing home our thoughts for this topic perfectly! Our attendees left feeling energized to follow up on things they have been wondering how to address! Very impactful and meaningful!”

Nichelle Grant

Head of Diversity,Equity and Inclusion


“Thank you Alycia for speaking to Siemens employees across the globe. Thank you for sharing your story and inspiring others to share theirs on the call. Let’s continue to advocate for inclusion of everyone.”