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  • Alycia sitting in her wheelchair looking behind at her desk near a computer.

    GAAD 2024 | Global Accessibility Awareness Day

    Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD), observed annually on the third Thursday of May, promotes digital accessibility and inclusion for people with disabilities. It aims to raise awareness, promote inclusive design, provide education, and build community. Activities include workshops, webinars, and challenges. Recent advancements include WCAG 3.0, improved mobile accessibility, AI integration, updated legislation, corporate initiatives,…

  • Image Description: Lockers of various colors with a title What is inclusive hiring? 8 best practices for high-volume hiring.

    What is inclusive hiring? 8 best practices for high-volume hiring.

    Inclusive hiring, crucial for high-volume recruitment, aims to attract diverse candidates. Strategies include reviewing biases, inclusive job postings, accommodation provision, accessible processes, diverse sourcing, bias training, and fostering an inclusive workplace. Alycia Anderson emphasizes the need for intentional inclusivity and ongoing evaluation of hiring success.

  • the letters d e i in the center of a magnifying glass with the words such as diversity equity inclusion around it and the symbols representing disabilities circling the pre mentioned information

    Look for these DEI + Disability Developments in 2024!

    In 2024, expect significant developments in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) and Disability. Anticipate global policy updates benefiting disabled populations. Technology, especially AI, will advance for enhanced accessibility. Major corporations will focus on disability inclusion, recognizing the substantial consumer base. Increased awareness events, advocacy campaigns, and educational initiatives will drive progress. Accessible infrastructure projects, improved…