alycia speaking on the tedx south lake tahoe red dot with the tedx logo behind her

TEDx South Lake Tahoe 2021

Alycia at the TEDx South Lake Tahoe on May 15 2021

We can’t hide our differences. We need to embrace them, honor them, experience them, believe in them, discuss them, share them, and include them as life’s beautiful treasures.

— Alycia Anderson, TEDx South Lake Tahoe, May 2021.

My Journey to
TEDx South Lake Tahoe

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    TEDx South Lake Tahoe: Here I Come!

    “Your application caught our attention, for so many different reasons. LOVED it and congratulations, you have been accepted to speak at this year’s TEDx South Lake Tahoe event!” I did it! I have been invited to roll onto that big, beautiful, magical red dot, on the most prestigious speaking stage there is, the TEDx stage. … read… … read more

  • tedx resilience theme banner


    Two weeks to go! “Resilience” the theme of TEDx South Lake Tahoe where I will be delivering my talk “Disabling Ableism: The modern pathway to inclusion.” Seriously… this could not this be any more perfect! Their goal “ to celebrate the human spirit. Where we gain hope in others and rise above through our resilience.” … read… … read more

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    I’m ready for you big red dot.

    Twenty years ago, I left my home in Southern California moving far away from everything I knew: my family, my medical team, the comfortable safe environment that I had mastered my independence in, and I even left Marty (which was the hardest part) to find my true self and to forge the roots of my … read… … read more

  • papa perter and marsha old photo alycias parents

    “Just a scrap of a note. A tiny piece of my heart attached.”

    This is my Mom and Dad (my Papa). They are both gone. We lost each of them way to young but they are proof that the impact we can offer in life is massive even if our time is short on earth if we are willing to try. I am who I am because of … read… … read more

  • TEDx SouthLake Tahoe Rehearsals!

    Rehearsals were beyond! Tomorrow is cameras, lights, action! Can’t believe how lucky I am. I will never EVER forget this! … read more

  • tedx south lake tahoe independently organized ted event logo

    TEDx South Lake Tahoe!

    As I rolled onto that stage and onto that red dot it was literally an unbelievable moment in my lifetime. But it was also as of this one moment had been waiting for me my entire life. A moment waiting oh so patiently until I was ready. And now I am just that, ready. Not … read… … read more