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“Just a scrap of a note. A tiny piece of my heart attached.”

Published: Thursday May 13, 2021

This is my Mom and Dad (my Papa). They are both gone. We lost each of them way to young but they are proof that the impact we can offer in life is massive even if our time is short on earth if we are willing to try.

I am who I am because of them and the decision they made for me. I am who I am because of lessons they instilled in me from day one. The belief that anything is absolutely possible. And in two days I honor them as I take TEDx stage.

A nice reminder: A note of love, encouragement and belief from my Papa to Regina and I in college and VERY fitting now:

just a scrap of a note. a tiny piece of my heart attached. age has it’s compensations. and the best is the contemplation of my girls. saw a picture of you as babies. and the cutest little guys you were. my first born. it is a prick of the the rose throne to think of your mother. but at the risk of being modlin, i know with the certainty of the ages that she is smiling on your accomplishments. she would say, “i love you. i’m proud of your accomplishments…now start believing in yourselves.. and conquer the world…for yourselves and a tiny bit for me.”

love papa

Mama and Papa I BELIEVE and will conquer this world …for me but also ? for you!


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