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TEDx South Lake Tahoe!

Published: Monday May 24, 2021

As I rolled onto that stage and onto that red dot it was literally an unbelievable moment in my lifetime. But it was also as of this one moment had been waiting for me my entire life. A moment waiting oh so patiently until I was ready. And now I am just that, ready. Not only ready but completely and totally ready. It is as if the fate of my life path has her arms wide open ready to receive me more than ever before. My destiny ready to embrace me, to support me, to guide me, to encourage me and believe in me. I can see more clearly now than ever how the pathways of my past connect to the destiny of my future and it all makes complete sense propelling me straight into my purpose.

I was completely star struck by that RED DOT. I was completely star struck by that BIG beautiful TEDx sign behind me. I was completely in awe of the awesome opportunity in front of me and that I had accomplished this very here and now! I was a nervous but mostly I was so ready. I was prepared for this quiet intimate moment that was just for me, on that dark stage under those bright lights. Just me and my story. Just me and my message. Just me and my purpose. It was my moment to help others, to share persecutive, to teach something most literally know or see or consider and in-return I was received. Inclusion is collaborative and collective. This was my moment to be “seen for me” and to be heard for me and to be included for ALL of me just the way I am. This was one of the most important moments of my life. I did it. I am so proud!

Thankful for my amazing family, friends and community who showed up for me to support me especially Marty & Regina…this was our moment!

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