“Just a scrap of a note. A tiny piece of my heart attached.”

This is my Mom and Dad (my Papa). They are both gone. We lost each of them way to young but they are proof that the impact we can offer in life is massive even if our time is short on earth if we are willing to try.

I am who I am because of them and the decision they made for me. I am who I am because of lessons they instilled in me from day one. The belief that anything is absolutely possible. And in two days I honor them as I take TEDx stage.

A nice reminder: A note of love, encouragement and belief from my Papa to Regina and I in college and VERY fitting now:

just a scrap of a note. a tiny piece of my heart attached. age has it’s compensations. and the best is the contemplation of my girls. saw a picture of you as babies. and the cutest little guys you were. my first born. it is a prick of the the rose throne to think of your mother. but at the risk of being modlin, i know with the certainty of the ages that she is smiling on your accomplishments. she would say, “i love you. i’m proud of your accomplishments…now start believing in yourselves.. and conquer the world…for yourselves and a tiny bit for me.”

love papa

Mama and Papa I BELIEVE and will conquer this world …for me but also 💯 for you!


I’m ready for you big red dot.

Twenty years ago I left my home in Southern California moving far away from everything I knew: my family, my medical team, the comfortable safe environment that I had mastered my independence in, and I even left Marty (which was the hardest part) to find my true self and to forge the roots of my will.

Living in Lake Tahoe, CA is where I mastered the craft of being a waitress in a wheelchair after receiving global noterietay for it in Southern California as a teenager. It is the place I started my educational journey enrolling into Lake Tahoe Community College.When I moved there I was a young insecure woman full of so many doubts of what was possible for me, but it is also where I grew into a strong powerful woman through my life experiences and navigating the environment of the lake.

I would hike difficult trails sometimes having to jump out of my wheelchair to crawl over tree trunks blocking the path and then pulling my chair over and continuing on. I would ski down snowy mountains and kayak the many lakes.

And, OH that snow! Wow did we have an up-close and personal relationship. The snow forced me, it challenged me, to be stronger than ever. Shoveling snow was not an easy task for me.

I would end late shifts at work, after a snow, making my way to my car, and I would then literally climb on top of the hood of my car to scrape the ice off my windshield. Sometimes I would arrive home and the snow was so deep I could not get to my front door with my wheelchair. So I would leave my wheelchair in my car and crawl from my car to the front door in the snow. I cannot believe I did some of this looking back!

Lake Tahoe Community College was also the first place I was ever invited to speak. It was during disability awareness week, way before speaking was on my radar, and now, the lake and the college are gifting me another massive opportunity of growth, speaking on the TEDx stage for my first time! One week from today it’s go time!

Sitting this morning in reflection of the many powerful gifts this lake has offered me over my lifetime, I’m grateful. I’ve realized that for me to accomplish all of these things I’ve had to be willing to push my fear aside and boldly venture forward to where I need to be.

I’m ready for you big red dot.

Exercise therapy!

I was asked the other day in an interview “Alycia how do you stay grounded with all that you have going on.” Easy, I strap weights on my wrists, turn up the tunes and I “PUSH” hard straight up as many hills as I can possibly find for an hour at least. Equaling a clear mind and relaxed happy soul. Exercise therapy! 💪🏻


Two weeks to go! “Resilience” the theme of TEDx South Lake Tahoe where I will be delivering my talk “ Disabling Ableism. The modern pathway to inclusion.”

Seriously… this could not this be any more perfect! Their goal “ to celebrate the human spirit. Where we gain hope in others and rise above through our resilience.”


I’m so freaking excited!

TEDx South Lake Tahoe: Here I Come!

📷 @christinabestphotograph
Alycia Anderson Motivational Speaker TEDx South Lake Tahoe speaker image
📷 @christinabestphotograph

“Your application caught our attention, for so many different reasons. LOVED it and congratulations, you have been accepted to speak at this year’s TEDx South Lake Tahoe event!”

I did it! I have been invited to roll onto that big, beautiful, magical red dot, on the most prestigious speaking stage there is, the TEDx stage. A stage where “global thinkers gather to share ideas in hopes of changing attitudes, lives, and ultimately the world.”

This opportunity is a testament to setting goals and achieving your wildest dreams. No matter what you or society perceives your abilities to be, the possibilities are endless if you just try.

I will be delivering my talk: “Disabling Ableism: The modern pathway to inclusion.”

Differences are okay! The important thing is that we don’t favor one over the other, but celebrate each of us for our uniqueness. Ablesim is everywhere you turn. It’s ingrained in society so much so, it’s overlooked or goes unnoticed, but without recognizing ableism and its effects we will never fully understand what inclusion really means. When we disable ableism we truly begin to see people for people and then we value our differences bringing a broader outlook to our world, expanding possibilities for all!

I am so excited!

“Breaking Glass Ceilings”

Yesterday I was introduced at the Grace Hill event ” Cultivating Women Leaders in Multifamily” as a woman in leadership who is “breaking glass ceilings.” I was blown away with pride. 

Glass Ceiling is a metaphor used to represent an invisible barrier that prevents a given demographic (typically applied to women) from rising beyond a certain level in a hierarchy. (Wikipedia)

To be among such an amazing group of women yesterday, panelists AND attendees and to be recognized in such a way and to be included in a metaphor of breaking barriers of high-achievement for women … humbling to say the least. 

Every single day I have a chance to use my voice on a new stage and to show what is possible for not only all women, but especially for women with disabilities who CAN get the job done. I’m beyond grateful.

Thank you Grace Hill for giving me now two at bats and giving disability a VISIBLE seat at the table.

Cultivating Women Leaders in Multifamily-Panel

Humbled and honored to be included in this incredible panel of women leaders on March 11 at 3 PM EST for a webinar hosted by @wearegracehill: Cultivating Women Leaders in #Multifamily So timely in a month that celebrates Womens History Month! We will share what brought us to where we are now, and what we believe is still needed to support women leaders of the future.

Please register now:

Hope to see you there! ❤️

Dana Hill – SE Field Sales, Grace Hill
Christi Dobbins – Director of Product Management, Grace Hill

Alycia Anderson – VP Sales, Knock
Darcey Forbes – Senior Director of Field Sales, Grace Hill
Jessica Fern – Senior Director of Training and Development, FPI Management
Marci French, CAM, CAPS – VP, Operations at HRG Management Services



I shared time yesterday with the @triphazard.usa Team. Invited as their speaker to share my “The Heart of Inclusion” message.TripHazard a concrete/asphalt company with many offerings, one being ADA projects by way of ramps, accessible parking, curved curbs & way more than I can intelligently speak too. Please check them out!

I realized when preparing for this session I had a rare opportunity to speak to a group that is literally “paving” the way into access of life for so many. I found myself emotionally connected deeply for so many reasons related to my past, present and future.

#ADA oftentimes salted with #adversity,seen as punitive & stigmatized.But what is missed is the #purpose and #GOODNESS and #BEAUTY of what it brings to #everyone. Which is the #ability to live life no matter what happens to us.

A huge compliment from TripHazards CEO, Phil Rogacki “What an inspiration she was to the team today. Her message has changed the purpose of why we are in business.”

This WHY I speak to companies. To #IMPACT lens we see through. To open minds & hearts believing in #possible then widening the doors of #opportunity for everyone. Im fired up & #grateful#inclusion#diversity#equality#seemeforme#heartofinclusion#inclusiveleadership#changemaker#inclusionsuperwoman#mulitfamily


Every human being hopes to leave a positive mark on the world, no matter how big or small. In sharing my story, I am called to help broaden the lens in which we see and believe through. Providing a peek for those that are curious about how it is to live a life like mine, to show what is possible and that inclusion works! It all starts with caring about someone else.


Happy LOVE weekend!



“The LifeLong Customer”

Coming soon! I had a fun interview today with Brad Hammond on his new PodCast #lifelongcustomer We explored the art of building long lasting partner relationships! A topic close to my heart and why I love what I do so much! Making connections with YOU! And a BIG cherry on top, I got to share all the amazing things we all love about Knock ! A company I’m so happy and proud to be a part of ♥️