Living Inclusion in a Diverse World

I had the great privilege to be interviewed on the JuvoHub podcast. This podcast’s goal is to promote career growth and self-education in the property management realm. We discussed diversity, inclusion, and the responsibility that leaders have in the work-force and in life. We need to begin to strip away the barriers and get to the heart of the matter.

Come hang out with me and host Jonathan Saar as I continue my mission to motivate and invoke change through the power of diversity and inclusion.

“The Heart of Inclusion”

I was asked in an interview recently: 

If our country went to a 4-day work week, how would you spend your 5th day? My Answer:I would use the extra time to write more, speak more, and share my story more. I feel a calling to be a role model in inclusion, diversity, and belonging. This is my side hustle! Finding places to share my message and fine-tuning it to be impactful and poignant is something I feel could cause a lot of good.

This weekend on a very fitting Labor Day 3-day weekend, I decided to nestle in and write and create and explore content. The more I write and the deeper I am able to go, the content overtime seems to get richer and more impactful. I’m on a very personal journey in hopes to write that “ONE” speech. You know, the one that you see the most famous speakers of all giving over and over again. That most important speech which will stand the test of time. That one speech that even when you read it quietly on your-own, you get goosebumps and you’re affected and inspired in the moment yourself.  

Imagining the potential impact if I’m lucky enough to be hired to deliver it, feels like it could be profound.  But, even if no one ever hears my speech somehow that doesn’t matter because in the process I have grown again and developed even more in my own understanding and craft by digging deep and putting pen to paper.  

“The Heart of Inclusion” Coming soon!

“It’s these quiet personal triumphs that give strength”

Most people assume the tough part of my life is that I will never, ever walk. That a full and happy life is defined by walk vs roll. And though pushing through life instead of skipping has it’s challenges and unforeseen obstacles on the regular, this is actually often the interesting part of my life.

The hardest part of my life is the stuff that no one sees other than my totally awesome husband, who takes such good care of me when it does and Milo my puppy that will literally snuggle me for days back to health.

When that occasional kidney infection knocks on my door and completely takes me out of the normal busy major hustle of everyday career progression and dream chasing… like a total thief over night.

I’m not complaining at all. This is a road I’m required to travel, part of my journey into tomorrow and I’m fully aware of its magnitude and I’m grateful. But my point I guess is we all have stuff that is so much harder than the next person will ever see or know and we can’t assume what is visible on the outside is the most difficult all the time.

It’s these quiet personal triumphs that give us the strength, know how and confidence to completely overcome the other stuff that seem so giant in the moment.

P.S. back to work tomorrow ☺️

Be the Change You Wish to See in the World

On the 30th Anniversary of American’s with Disabilities Act, I’m thankful for the advocates that bravely crawled up the steps of the Capitol building when there was no access demanding to be seen and heard. Demanding for the equality of basic human rights for all. For them…I can go to work without being discriminated against and earn livelihood the same as you. I have access to education, medical care, services and infrastructure. I can park my car and have the space I need to put my wheelchair together (and yep that’s what that space is for) I have access to public bathrooms with space for my wheelchair to close the stall door and have equal privacy just like you (yep that’s what that was built for also) I can drive. I can fly. I can travel. I can study abroad on scholarships. I have access to mobility equipment, wheelchairs, sport wheelchairs, hand cycles and adapted sports programs. I can access life just like you. It’s not ok to excluded me or place judgement on what you think I can or cannot do. That’s up to ME to decide. It’s not ok to tell me no and leave me on the sidelines and offer me less than another. I was 15 years old when this powerful and most important civil rights legislation was finally passed …1990! Why did it take us so long to care about me…to care about WE. ADA is here for ALL of us. If ever you find yourself in need of it for a moment or forever like me, it’s here. Let’s celebrate today the freedom ADA gifts us as Americans. I will “be the change I wish to see in the world” There is still so much work to do but I’m so hopeful and grateful and I will continue to do my part everyday single day! ♥️

The foundation of my life.

“Do the best you can with what you are given and go for it with a smile” Marsha Gressingh Busciglio (my mama) This the foundation of my life. A lesson from my mom early on. She was in heaven less that two years after this photo was taken. Her wish to my Dad that I grow to be a strong, independent, adaptable, capable, confident, empowered woman. So that one day when they are both gone I would be ok… I am.  I’m me because of you mama. Happy Mother’s Day to the most beautiful mother ever whose impact was massive in the very short time we had together on Earth. I love you so much and thank you for your gifts, protection and guidance from heaven. 💐