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A Journey of Advocacy and Empowerment: My Experience on Kimberly Daya’s Podcast

Published: Thursday May 23, 2024

Humanity Unlocked featuring Alycia Anderson


As an advocate for inclusion and accessibility, I’ve had the privilege of sharing my story and mission on various platforms. Recently, I had the honor of being a guest on Kimberly Daya’s podcast, a platform renowned for its focus on diversity, empowerment, and real-life stories. This opportunity was not just another speaking engagement; it was a deeply personal experience that allowed me to reflect on my journey and share it with a broader audience.

A Warm Welcome

alycia and kimberly sitting together in humanity unlocked podcast studio with microphones and headsets on

From the moment the invitation came through, I felt an immediate connection to Kimberly and her team. Their commitment to creating an inclusive and respectful space was evident. As I joined Kimberly at her studio, I was greeted with warmth and enthusiasm, setting the stage for an engaging and meaningful conversation.

Sharing My Story

alycia anderson sitting at interview table with humanity unlocked light and microphone and headset

One of the first topics we delved into was my personal background and the early challenges I faced. Born with sacral agenesis, a condition that affects the development of the spine and legs, I’ve navigated a world not always designed with people like me in mind. Kimberly’s thoughtful questions allowed me to share not just the obstacles but also the resilience and determination that have defined my journey.

We talked about the pivotal moments in my life, from my childhood experiences to my career milestones. I highlighted the importance of representation and the role models who inspired me. Being able to articulate these moments was a reminder of how far I’ve come and the importance of visibility for individuals with disabilities.

Advocacy and Action

Our conversation naturally transitioned to my advocacy work. I emphasized that accessibility is a multifaceted issue, encompassing physical spaces, social attitudes, and policy. Kimberly and I discussed the critical need for inclusive environments, where people of all abilities can thrive.

I shared insights from my work as an entrepreneur and speaker, advocating for inclusive practices in workplaces and communities. Kimberly’s genuine interest in these issues made it easy to discuss complex topics like ableism, allyship, and the importance of proactive inclusivity. It was heartening to know that there’s a growing awareness and willingness to address these challenges.

Empathy and Allyship

kimberly daya sitting at interview table with humanity unlocked light on table with microphone and headset

One of the most poignant parts of our discussion was about the power of empathy and the role of allies. I stressed that while sharing stories like mine is essential, it’s equally important for those without disabilities to listen, learn, and advocate. True change comes from collective action, where everyone plays a part in fostering an inclusive society.

Kimberly’s platform is an exemplary model of allyship. By providing a space for diverse voices, she amplifies stories that might otherwise go unheard. This collaboration felt like a partnership in our shared goal of promoting understanding and action.

A Vision for the Future

As we wrapped up the episode, I spoke about my vision for a more inclusive future. I shared my hopes for continued progress in accessibility and the dismantling of societal barriers. My message was one of optimism and a call to action: each of us has the power to contribute to a more inclusive world.

Reflecting on the Experience

Being on Kimberly Daya’s podcast was a deeply fulfilling experience. It was more than an interview; it was a conversation that reaffirmed my commitment to advocacy and highlighted the importance of platforms that champion diversity and inclusion. Kimberly’s thoughtful approach and genuine passion for these topics made our discussion not only impactful but also inspiring.

For those who haven’t yet listened, I encourage you to tune in. It’s a conversation that not only shares my journey but also underscores the broader mission of creating an inclusive world for all. Together, we can continue to break down barriers and build bridges of understanding and empathy.