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Alycia’s Year of Yes

Published: Tuesday November 7, 2023
alycia sitting on a couch with her wheelchair next to her holding the book yes by shonda rhimes

“The Year of Yes” by Shonda Rhimes was given to me in 2017. Rhimes shares her personal experience of saying “yes” to everything for a year, which transformed her life in unexpected ways.

This book inspired me to do the same for one year. The cover alone was a daily reminder of my goal. This book inspired me to take deliberate action to become the global speaker I am today.

Embracing the power of “YES” presents us with infinite amounts of opportunities, while also oftentimes challenging us to push through fears.

Fear has always been my biggest barrier.

Saying “yes” is about stepping/rolling out of your comfort zone, daring to face these challenges head-on, and turning them into stepping stones that lead to really great things.

And in this you invite growth, learning, and experiences that can shape you, change you, and propel you towards your dreams.