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Be Like Josh Foundation

Published: Saturday July 8, 2023

Yesterday we went to this amazing event in San Francisco, for the Be Like Josh Foundation. A nonprofit that was founded by Kimberly Elliot after she rescued Josh (cutie!) a Goldendoodle with a disability called cerebellar hypoplasia.

If you follow me you on other platforms you know I post about this little guy and his buddies a lot. They just make me happy!

The organization, platform, people and of course the dogs exude so much positivity and possibility, which is totally my jam too!

We brought the kids, my nieces and nephew so they could also learn, experience, believe in and practice inclusion of all types (even the furry ones) more than they already do…which they definitely really do!

Kimberly and her husband Andrew (very cool humans) are leaning into disability inclusion in such a beautiful, unique and much needed way by advocating for dogs with neurological disabilities and educating the public about what it’s like to be a “service human” (love this)

The Be Like Josh Foundation “encourages others to simply be themselves, without being perfect or typical, in the spirit of love and inclusivity.”

This is the work of #DisablingAbleism and I LOVE it!