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Excellence Through Equity – RCOE Conference 2023

Published: Wednesday September 27, 2023

“We must be willing to change our policies as a guide to change our behavior. If we are not willing to change, then we are willing to sacrifice justice.” Dr. Judy White.

Thank you Riverside County Office of Education for inviting me as a keynote speaker to deliver my “Heart of Inclusion” message as well as facilitate my Disabling Ableism Microlearning breakout session at the “Building Bridges to Cultivate Excellence” conference in Southern California.

Over a thousand people were in attendance. From superintendents to teachers and so many more. Educational professionals making the difference in creating inclusive and equitable opportunities for over 450,000 students in the county. What a massive opportunity create space and impact change for our future leaders, our children.

Embracing equity and disability inclusion in school is a journey that goes beyond compliance. It requires a commitment to dismantling barriers, fostering a culture of empathy and understanding, and provides equal opportunities for all students to thrive.

And in this we create a school environments that not only educate, but also nurture, uplifts, and prepares future generations to build a more inclusive and equitable world.

These are the moments that really matter! #ExcellenceThroughEquity

Thank you for having me! Riverside County Office of Education & Charles Brown Jr., Ed.D and the entire #DEI Team!