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NAA Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Awareness Week

Published: Wednesday October 18, 2023

Expand Your Markets With Accessibility

I was thrilled to moderate a panel at the latest NAA DEI Awareness Week. I was joined by Jill Ramsey, Regina Weinstein and Maegan Blau, and we discussed how we can expand markets with accessibility by building a beyond compliance mindset.

Our panel shared how the Americans with Disabilities Act was signed into law 33 years ago, and how the rental housing industry continues to struggle with moving beyond the legal compliance of checking the accessibility box. The panelist encouraged attendees that by reframing the lens of accessibility, our industry has a chance to expand our markets, innovate our communities and provide housing solutions that yield higher ROIs. This open discussion, led by the expert panel, shared about the best ways to leverage accessibility and inclusion as competitive advantages, and examined our implicit biases during the decision-making process from the top down and finding ways to budget for change while mitigating risk and liabilities.