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Prioritizing disability inclusion in DEI strategies is absolutely crucial in 2024

Published: Friday January 12, 2024
Image of blue book laying on a table that says DEI Strategy with ability symbols above it such as a wheelchair, a woman and a man in varying colors

In 2024, prioritizing disability inclusion in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) workplace strategies is absolutely crucial for creating true and authentic inclusive environments.

Moving beyond compliance, it’s about recognizing the unique perspectives and talents that employees of all abilities bring to the table.

By actively incorporating disability into the DEI narrative, organizations not only strengthen their commitment to equality but also tap into a massive amount of untapped potential and talent.

By ensuring accessible workplaces are in place, accommodations, and by dismantling attitudinal barriers we take active roles in widening the pathway of opportunities and possibilities.

Embracing diversity in its entirety and including apparent and non-apparent disabilities, is strategic in moving towards creating a workforce that reflects the richness of the human experience in its entirety.

DEI isn’t complete without a dedicated, consistent, thoughtful, multifaceted and ongoing focus on disability inclusion. This paves the way to innovation, improved employee experience, and a more sustainable and equitable opportunities and future for all.