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Sparkle and Shine like You’re on the Victoria’s Secret Stage

Published: Wednesday November 1, 2023

May you sparkle and shine every day just like you were on the Victoria’s Secret stage. Dreams come true if you believe deeply, work really hard and lead with heart and conviction.

Last month I rolled onto the Victoria’s Secret & Co. stage at their Columbus, Ohio headquarters. O-M-G a dream come true.

This is a project and opportunity that we have been working on as a group for nine months, and for it to finally come to fruition during #NDEAM, AND alongside the launch of VS & Pink Adaptive line, there are no words!

The beautiful stage I spoke on was set with sparkling lights and white wrapped gifts with big red bows on them. Victoria’s Secret holiday season has begun. The only thing missing was my Victoria’s Secret iconic wings but I was soaring anyways!

There was no hiding my excitement, and on stage in front of me sat the Victoria’s Secret leadership team. It seemed every top executive you could imagine took time out of their busy day to be there to embrace me with open hearts and open minds. On top of that, 500+ employees tuned in virtually.

Each of them received me with their “Hearts of Inclusion.”

As a “D”isabled woman it is so important to me to feel beautiful, this brand embodies that to its core.

And to be a part of this innovative moment, during the launch of VS & Pink Adaptive line nearly left me speechless. I am proud to have had a small part of such a momentous occasion, and to have my voice heard by the Victoria’s Secret team.

The launch of the VS & Pink Adaptive line signifies a significant step towards inclusivity and diversity in the fashion industry, something that has been long overdue. This initiative not only celebrates the beauty and uniqueness of all women but also emphasizes the importance of accessibility and inclusivity in fashion.

My experience on the stage at Victoria’s Secret reflects the progress being made towards creating a more inclusive and accepting society. By sharing my journey and being a part of such a significant event, I contributed to the representation and empowerment of women with disabilities.

Thank you so much to the Victoria’s Secret Team for all your love, support and validation. Sarah Woloch Mark Tomallo Lydia Smith, MBA Raegan Moorhead Sarah Sylvester Dionne Ransom Marsten Anderson

Photos credit Victoria’s Secret & Co. Gamut Management Mindy Scheier The Pearl Creative Agency