I first met Alycia and her twin sister, Regina when they were 4 years old. Her parents brought the girls to our first wheelchair tennis exhibition and clinic where we announced the formation of the National Foundation for Wheelchair Tennis to begin the development of the sport. Alycia’s mom asked if I would teach the girls to play tennis. I agreed and taught them for a couple years until she could no longer bring them due to her illness. By then we had a sports camp for a week during spring break and she attended every year. From the very beginning at 4 years old, I knew Alycia was special. She was a great athlete with a very determined will, a passion to succeed, and there was no way her disability was going to prevent her from accomplishing her goals. It is these traits which have enabled her to become so accomplished in life today. I always knew she would go on to do great things with her life and I am so proud of who she has become. Her testimony will impact many people’s lives.