I have known Alycia for more than three decades!! My first memory was hearing about a crush on the tennis courts. That crush would mature into a beautiful love story with my brother, Marty.

I have memories of Alycia waitressing at a local restaurant to put herself through college. I remember following the stories of Alycia’s travels to Europe for more schooling and hearing of her speaking engagements in the Middle East.

What I have come to know about Alycia is difficult to sum up in a few words. But I will attempt it! Alycia is FEARLESS! She is an adventurer! She is eager to push the boundaries and to demonstrate ability not barriers. Alycia Is an encourager and champion of others. She is loving and compassionate. She is very passionate about life and living it with dignity and enthusiasm.

I love this woman! I admire this woman! I am inspired by her and challenged by her and humbled to be her friend and sister. Alycia makes this world better. She makes me better. ❤️