I have had the privilege of working along side Alycia for the last 7 years and in that time, I have been blessed with a partner, a friend, but mostly a role model in my life. I am personally inspired by Alycia’s insanely best attitude, tenacity, and dedication all while being a force that can always stay just so humble, grounded and be just so personable with everyone and every interaction. Alycia is someone who crushes goals because she is so genuine and thoughtful in all that she does that success just comes naturally. I really appreciate having Alycia as an accountability partner, a reminder of staying humble, an enforcer of dedication, and overall an inspiration to be the best version of me. I’ve been lucky to partner with her over several years and have witnessed first hand the impact she has not just on me but on everyone around her. Alycia cultivates a positive atmosphere wherever she goes, she is a culture changer, and an inspiration for us all. I am so lucky to have her as a very dear and personal friend and hope to always have her in my life <3