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Episode 12 – Twin Sisters, Forever Advocates ❤️❤️

Published: Thursday September 7, 2023
episode twelve of pushing forward with alycia podcast teaser twin sisters forever advocates with regina weinstein

Welcome back to Pushing Forward with Alycia Where heartfelt stories of resilience and unity take center stage. In this very personal episode, Alycia Anderson invites her identical, able-bodied twin sister, Regina Weinstein, to share their extraordinary bond. An Unbreakable Twin Bond A Lifelong Journey of Togetherness Dive deep into the stories of two sisters who … read more… Episode 12 – Twin Sisters, Forever Advocates ❤️❤️

Mothers Day

Published: Sunday May 14, 2023
ID: Alycia and her mom in a wedding pushing her wheelchair down a rocky road carrying flowers

This is my mom, Marsha. She is the most beautiful woman ever. I may be biased but I’m pretty sure she is. She was pregnant in this photo with my brother Nicholas. Regina (my twin) and I were just 5 years old. Shortly after “Nick” was born she was diagnosed with leukemia and one year … read more… Mothers Day