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University of Lynchburg Schewel Lecture Series

Published: Tuesday March 26, 2024
alycia on stage at university of lynchburg

Last week (March 20th, 2024), I had the honor of being invited to deliver my “Getting to the Heart of Disabling Ableism” keynote speech at the University of Lynchburg‘s annual Rosel Schewel Lecture Series event in Education and Human Diversity.

The purpose of the event, open to the campus and greater Lynchburg communities, is to help educate citizens and focus discussion on topics that are important to all Americans.

This year they chose to give disability its rightful place in the conversation and lift up the work of disability inclusion, its advocacy and disabling ableism. To be the chosen as the speaker for 2024 and forever named among the elite presenters of past years, I’m so grateful.

Thank you the University of Lynchburg‘s Madam President Alison Morrison-Shetlar, Dean College of Education, Leadership Studies, and Counseling Stephen Smith, Ed.D., CSCS, RSCC, USAW
for choosing me and Irene Foster for your hard work making the event so beautiful and seamless.

Also, a special thank you to Dr. Martin Block, a mentor of mine who has written a library’s worth of brilliant books (which I studied) on Adapted Physical Education. Thank you for showing up for me. It was my honor and a bucket list moment to have you sit in the audience and get to meet you afterwards!