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A hello and reintroduction to me and my business!

Published: Monday March 14, 2022

Hi friends & colleagues, new and those who are always there consistently! Thank you!

Lots of new faces recently so Im wanting to introduce or reintroduce myself and business.

I’m Alycia, a TEDx motivational speaker, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Accessibility corporate consultant and the founder & CEO of The Alycia Anderson Company, LLC.

Back in the day, it didn’t look like this.

I started speaking as a hobby. The goal was simple, to pave forward what I have learned about inclusion. To widen doors for others. To simply give what I can, while I still can.

Speaking was a side hustle for years that I managed alongside my corporate executive VP position in Tech.

My first ‘big break’ was in 2018 when I was invited to be a part of Ms. Wheelchair California. I took home the Ms. Congeniality prize AND more importantly, I took home the realization that I have the immense opportunity to impact others by using my voice. And I was pretty good at it too!

From there I have spoken on many stages globally, including TEDx where I delivered my talk Disabling Ableism: The Modern Pathway to Inclusion. Link here:

It changed the trajectory of things for my platform, my brand and business. Now nearly 1 year post TEDx I am self employed, speaking all over, developing new products and most importantly right sizing everyday obstacles to open minds to a world of possibility for others. And that’s literally how I roll!

I still think about the beginning and how this was all a dream. I’m so happy and grateful to be here. 

Please let me know if I can help you or your company in your inclusion journey?

Click the link in my profile to learn more, or shoot me a DM and let’s get chatting.

Now tell me who you are! Where do you dream to be in 1 year?

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