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Accessible Paths Forward within Beauty

Published: Monday January 9, 2023

Finding an accessible pathway forward within beauty products and fashion can be really hard, sometimes impossible. And for someone living with a disability depending on the product or look we hope to accomplish, access might be completely out of reach.
Shoes don’t stay on, jeans are too hard to pull all the way up, sleeve drag on wheels, or the tools developed are developed for one body type only.

With the release of L’Oréals lipstick applicator, HAPTA they lead by example in creating thoughtful accessible access to their beauty products for all of us! In this we are reminded of the MANY diverse beautiful body types that do exist and who deserve to also have their beauty shine as well!  equity and inclusion

I lOVE this so much! Keep going Loreal!

Insider Business article Marguerite Ward’s:

ID: Article cover of L’Oréal made a handheld, motorized device that helps people with disabilities apply lipstick. It’s meant to give users independence. Women with a disability applying red lipstick using handheld, motorized devices that help people with disabilities apply lipstick.

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