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ASU IT Professional Community Day Conference.

Published: Thursday July 4, 2019

This week I had an opportunity to give a talk on: The Empowerment of a Diverse and Inclusive Workplace at the Empower 2019: ASU IT Professional Community Day Conference. Fun to share my professional journey. Im humbled to see how sharing my real life experiences over my career, the true story of inclusion, how it feels to me the “end user” & how we might master inclusion at work a little more is so very impactful to those I have the privilege to share. With this speech I was able to for sure evoke thought on a very important topic that does seems pretty buzzy today and finally has started to be valued at work as an asset rather than looked at as a box to check off. Still lots of work to do but this is a start. My true hope is to have more opportunities to share and more opportunities open minds which will hopefully opens doors to those that may follow me. It’s my honored to have these moments of impact. The future is bright!

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