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“Breaking Glass Ceilings”

Published: Friday March 12, 2021

Yesterday I was introduced at the Grace Hill event ” Cultivating Women Leaders in Multifamily” as a woman in leadership who is “breaking glass ceilings.” I was blown away with pride. 

Glass Ceiling is a metaphor used to represent an invisible barrier that prevents a given demographic (typically applied to women) from rising beyond a certain level in a hierarchy. (Wikipedia)

To be among such an amazing group of women yesterday, panelists AND attendees and to be recognized in such a way and to be included in a metaphor of breaking barriers of high-achievement for women … humbling to say the least. 

Every single day I have a chance to use my voice on a new stage and to show what is possible for not only all women, but especially for women with disabilities who CAN get the job done. I’m beyond grateful.

Thank you Grace Hill for giving me now two at bats and giving disability a VISIBLE seat at the table.

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