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Comcast/NBCUniversal accessibility & inclusivity

Published: Thursday October 26, 2023
Alycia sitting in her studio in front of her computer  after her COMCAST/NBC keynote. She is wearing a green jacket and black pants and tennis shoes pointing at her computer with the COMCAST/NBC logo and ring light behind her.

“Disability isn’t the lack of ability, it’s the lack of a solution” Comcast -Accessibility.

I am grateful for the opportunity today to contribute to this important conversation during the â€śComcast Accessibility: October #NDEAM Speaker Series” virtual event!

I am truly inspired by Comcast & NBCUniversal dedication to accessibility and inclusivity. It’s not just about creating products and services for people with disabilities, but also about empowering them to live independently and fully participate in society.

 This is a mission that I deeply resonate with and am proud to support. This approach not only benefits people with disabilities, but also improves the user experience for everyone.

Thank you Joel Moffatt, Comcast and Lori Samuels, NBCUniversal for having me as part of your elite keynote lineup this month! I’m so happy to call you both friends.

Also thank you  ProFound Network and for the networking opportunities where I met Joel and Lori. Both of which I highly respect and look up to as disability advocates, leaders, and colleagues. ❤️❤️


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