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Embracing Disability Inclusive Leadership

Published: Thursday April 4, 2024
disabled workers and able bodied workers standing side by side cartoon with heading why is disability inclusive leadership important to your organization

Disability Inclusive Leadership is a management approach that actively seeks to integrate individuals with disabilities and accessibility practices into the fabric of an organization. It recognizes the abilities, perspectives, talents, expertise and values found in the disabled workforce that contribute to an organization’s success and can be leveraged strategically to lead to innovation.

Alycia is leading the way

For those of you who follow my story, see my posts online, have heard my TEDx Talk, listen to my podcast or know me via working relationships … you know that I’m an advocate for disability inclusion in our workforces and in society at large. 

As a lifetime wheelchair user, I worked my way through a career spanning over 30 years in Corporate America from a waitress in a wheelchair to a vice-president of sales in technology. Over six years ago I decided it was time for me to share these lived experiences with the world, accepting and owning up to the fact that I bring a special kind of know-how to these conversations.

I now speak fulltime to companies globally about the inherent benefits of disability inclusion, how it leads to innovation, builds brand equity and opens opportunities to serve the needs of the world’s largest minority group.

And now, having spoken with nearing 150 corporations, organizations and institutions as a motivational disability inclusion speaker worldwide, I have proven the impact and demand for this discussion in the workplace.

Embracing Disability Inclusive Leadership Workshop

alycia sitting in her wheelchair next to an art piece in the blue shield of california headquarters depicting their logo

Last week, I had the honor of unveiling and delivering my new “Embracing Disability Inclusive Leadership Workshop” to Blue Shield of California through an ongoing partnership with their Disability Inclusion Employee Resource Group headed by Saffy Johnson

Your Disability Inclusion Leadership Training presentation was electrifying: it needs to be broadcasted in many organizations! I was hollering and clapping the entire time. Thank you for your advocacy! I am a huge fan!

Workshop Attendee

The second of four planned engagements they have partnered with The Alycia Anderson Company on following last year’s Disability Pride Month celebration at their Disability Inclusion Alliance Signature Event that featured my “Getting to the Heart of Disabling Ableism” keynote.

Blue Shield of California is proving through their dedication to regular disability inclusion conversations that they are truly embracing the journey of disability inclusive leadership, and working toward the goals to be attained through these efforts.

I personally would like to thank and cheer on Blue Shield of California for their willingness to embark on and strive toward moving beyond compliance and facing head-on the hard work required to make disability inclusion a true management approach and philosophy in their workplace culture.

If your company is looking for someone to help lead these efforts, let’s connect.