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Episode 19 – From Waitress to Workplace Warrior : Alycia’s NDEAM Story

Published: Thursday October 26, 2023

Pushing Forward with Alycia | A Disability Podcast

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Reflecting on NDEAM: An Inspirational Journey with Alycia & Marty

In the latest episode of “Pushing Forward with Alycia,” with Alycia Anderson has something very special in store. Not only is Alycia welcoming her husband, Marty, back to the podcast to reflect on National Disability Awareness Month (NDEAM), but there’s a twist …Marty turns the tables on Alycia and assumes the role of interviewer. Get ready to feel the warmth and hope and hear the pivotal moments that shaped Alycia’s career.

From Fajitas 🌶️ to Forward Momentum: Alycia’s Unstoppable Career

From serving margaritas and fajitas to propelling herself through college, Alycia’s early experiences laid the foundation for her unwavering commitment to inclusion in the workforce. Despite the challenges and discrimination she faced, her story is a testament to the power of self-advocacy and overcoming insecurities. Her transition from waitress to businesswoman is a small peek into to her adaptability and determination.

The Interview That Changed Everything: Alycia’s Journey to Inclusion

Alycia shares the life-changing interview with Dmitri, the co-founder of a technology startup. Dmitri’s ability to see beyond Alycia’s wheelchair and recognize her unique qualities set the stage for a groundbreaking conversation.

A Powerful Call to Action

Alycia and Marty share some astounding numbers that look at the barriers faced by people with disabilities in the workplace, and they emphasize the transformative potential of disability inclusion in diversity and inclusion programs, urging companies to recognize the untapped potential of the 80% of unemployed disabled individuals.

Inspiring Change in Disability Employment

Progress is a journey, not a destination. Disability employment awareness transcends a single month; it’s a commitment to change. Alycia and Marty’s stories reveal the transformational power of embracing diversity, advocating for inclusion, and turning disabilities into corporate assets. Together, they inspire change and push forward towards a more inclusive and accessible future.

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