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Episode 2 – Disabling Ableism | Hello TEDx

Published: Thursday June 29, 2023

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Welcome back to Pushing Forward with Alycia!

In today’s episode, Alycia Anderson, a fierce disability advocate and TedX speaker, continues to share her mission to empower change by disabling ableism.

What is ableism? defines ableism as “…bias, prejudice, and discrimination against people with disabilities. It hinges on the idea that people with disabilities are less valuable than nondisabled people.” 

Ableism has been present Alycia’s entire life.

Ableism came from the moment she was born, along with her twin sister. Doctors recommended she be placed in long term care, hospitals and not given the surgeries that she needed when she was born.

Alycia describes ableism as “the thief in the night of inclusion.”

What is disabling ableism?

Disabling ableism is creating a world where we are creating products and services and infrastructure and social settings and education and employment, all of it where we’re creating a path of accessibility for everyone where we’re not looking at the able bodied only as the only box, we need to check off to make everything work.

In this episode you’ll:

  • Hear example after example of how ableism exists in our society today
  • Understand how you can make a difference with combatting ableism
  • Learn Alycia’s path to TedX speaker and how that changed her trajectory

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