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Episode 33 – Sweet Ella | The Child Heart Warrior

Published: Thursday February 8, 2024

Pushing Forward with Alycia | A Disability Podcast

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Welcome twin sister Regina and her husband Shane

In this episode of “Pushing Forward with Alycia,” Alycia Anderson invites her twin sister, Regina Weinstein, and brother-in-law, Shane, to share their poignant journey with their daughter Ella, who was born with Congenital Heart Defect (CHD). As we observe American Heart Month and Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Week (CHD), their story serves as an offering of hope, boundless strength, and the unbreakable love of family in the face of life’s challenges. Through Ella’s journey, Alycia and Regina reflect on their twin connection, as if the shared strength flows through her.

Key Highlights:

🩺 Ella’s Early Diagnosis: The episode unfolds with Regina and Shane recounting the emotional moment they learned of Ella’s heart condition, Tetralogy of Fallot, during a routine prenatal checkup. The news was a pivot, steering their lives onto an unforeseen path of medical challenges and profound love.

💪 A Family’s Strength: Regina and Shane share how facing Ella’s condition head-on, armed with trust in medical professionals and a tight-knit community, transformed their fear into strength.

🌈 Milestones and Miracles: The couple reflects on Ella’s milestones, from her early surgeries to the vibrant, spirited child she is today. Their story illuminates the remarkable progress in CHD treatment and the miracles of modern medicine.

💖 Empowerment Through Education: They emphasize the importance of education, awareness, and open communication about CHD. By embracing Ella’s journey and celebrating her “beautiful scar,” they advocate for a life defined by capability, not limitations.

🌟 Ella, The Warrior: At the heart of the episode is Ella, a true “heart warrior.” Her parents share how her resilience and zest for life inspire all who know her, reshaping perceptions of disability and strength.

regina shane and ella weinstein

“I thought I knew what strength was, but watching my daughter, I realized she was redefining it every single day.”

– Shane Weinstein

Resources and Support:

For those touched by CHD or seeking to learn more, The American Heart Association, UCSF Children’s Hospital, and Mended Little Hearts offer invaluable resources, support, and community connections.

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