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Episode 37 – Diva’s Dialogue | Dr. Donna Walton’s Path to “Diva’s with Disabilities”

Published: Thursday March 7, 2024

Pushing Forward with Alycia | A Disability Podcast

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Welcome, Dr. Donna Walton

doctor donna walton standing in a dress flexing one arm with the other arm on her hip

This heartwarming episode of “Pushing Forward with Alycia” shines a spotlight on the incredible Dr. Donna Walton, founder of the Divas With Disabilities Project. Dr. Walton’s journey is nothing short of inspirational, evolving from a dream of dancing on the big stage to becoming a formidable voice for women with disabilities. After facing a pivotal life change at 18 due to bone cancer, Dr. Walton didn’t just adapt; she soared, dedicating her life to challenging perceptions and championing the representation of black and brown women with disabilities.

We hope you enjoy this endearing conversation filled with resilience, triumphs, and the relentless pursuit of dreams, no matter the obstacles.

In This Episode:

💖 The turning point: Dr. Walton’s transition from aspiring artist to unstoppable advocate.

🌟 The birth of Divas With Disabilities: A sanctuary where disability and diva status coexist beautifully.

📽️ Lights, Camera, Action: Dr. Walton’s breakthrough in acting, proving it’s never too late for dreams to flourish. Watch her in The Retreat and The Other Black Girl.

🔄 Changing the Narrative: Advocating for meaningful representation in workplaces and the media.

🌍 Spreading Wings: Taking the Divas’ empowering message global, from Kenya to Ghana, inspiring change far and wide.

“If what you want isn’t behind door one, two, or three, don’t you dare settle. Knock a hole in the wall and create a new door.” – Dr. Donna Walton

Explore more about Dr. Donna Walton and the Divas With Disabilities Project by visiting their website, and connecting on Instagram for a daily dose of inspiration. Don’t forget to check out their vibrant community on Facebook too.

Pushing Forward Moment:

Embrace every curveball life throws your way, and remember, the most vibrant stories often come from the most unexpected paths. Let Dr. Walton’s journey remind you that with a bit of grit and a whole lot of heart, new doors aren’t just possible—they’re waiting to be opened by you.

Join us on “Pushing Forward with Alycia” for more stories that touch the heart and ignite the spirit, because here, we believe in the power of giving voice to the vibrant disability community.

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