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Episode 39 – Wheels of Change | Welcome Dr. Lindsay Ulrey

Published: Thursday March 21, 2024

Pushing Forward with Alycia | A Disability Podcast

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Welcome Lindsay Ulrey to Pushing Forward with Alycia

lindsay ulrey sitting in her wheelchair smiling wearing a blue patterned dress with her sons one sitting on her lap and one standing and leaning against her

Join Alycia Anderson as she welcomes Dr. Lindsay Ulrey, a clinical psychologist with a heartfelt dedication to supporting individuals during the perinatal stages and beyond. Dr. Ulrey’s professional focus on this area intersects with her personal experiences and advocacy work. Dr. Ulrey boldly shares her personal narrative of adapting to motherhood as a wheelchair user sharing both challenges and triumphs of parenting with a disability. Episode 39 delves into the birth of “Wheel Good Motherhood,” a platform aimed at connecting and uplifting mothers on wheels, while also exploring the broader implications of disability in family life and society.

Episode highlights

🤱🦽Lindsay’s transition into motherhood and her path to becoming a wheelchair user.

👩‍👧‍👦✨The inception of “Wheel Good Motherhood” and its mission to empower Wheelie Mamas.

🧠💖 Navigating perinatal mental health with empathy and expertise.

👭🤗 Embracing change and finding strength in vulnerability and community.

🤗🤗 Dr. Ulrey talks about the best hug she’s ever received post-injury and why it was so meaningful.

Inspirational quote:

Stay open, stay curious, and never stop learning through life’s transitions.

Dr. Lindsay Ulrey

Connect with Dr. Lindsay Uldrey:

lindsay ulrey sitting in her wheelchair smiling wearing a blue patterned dress

“Wheel Good Motherhood”- NorCal SCI website. | Instagram@wheel.good.motherhood | Personal website.

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