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Episode 41 – Banking on Change | Joanne Lopez, Financial Literacy Champion

Published: Thursday April 4, 2024

Pushing Forward with Alycia | A Disability Podcast

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Welcome Joanne Lopez, VP Market Manager/Women in Business Ambassador at Valley Bank

joanne lopez standing in front of a mirrored wall reflecting large buildings and a cityscape

Alycia Anderson welcomes Joanne Lopez to Pushing Forward with Alycia, a disability podcast. Joanne shares journey from her early beginnings in Trinidad and Tobago to her notable ascent as a VP Market Manager and Women in Business Ambassador. Her story is more than just professional success; it pulls back the layers into overcoming life’s obstacles with determination and a deep commitment to financial literacy and education. Joanne shares invaluable insights for anyone looking to make meaningful changes in their own life and in the community around them.

Key Highlights:

🌍 From Trinidad to the US: Adapting to a new culture as a teenager and facing adversity head-on.

📈 From a bank teller to a banking executive: Shattering ceilings and setting new standards in the banking industry.

📚 Advocacy for financial literacy: Joanne’s dedication to educating communities, highlighting her involvement with New Jersey Reentry, New Jersey Latino Law Enforcement Coalition and other impactful organizations.

Joanne’s Guiding Principle:

Each day, do something kind; it’s how we make a difference.

Joanne Lopez

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