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Episode 46 – Mason Branstrator | Turning Paralysis into Purpose

Published: Thursday May 9, 2024

Pushing Forward with Alycia | A Disability Podcast

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Welcome Mason Branstrator!

mason branstrator wearing a red baseball hat and black hoodie that says emotional on it smiling with some kind of event crowd behind him

In this episode of “Pushing Forward with Alycia | A Disability Podcast,” Alycia Anderson sits down with Mason Branstrator, a public speaker and adaptive athlete.

At 17, Mason’s life was changed by a skiing accident that left him paralyzed. Through determination and a renewed outlook, Mason embraced optimism, earning hundreds of thousands of followers who are inspired by his journey.

Tune in to learn how the Firefly attachment opened new opportunities for Mason to explore rugged terrains and fulfill his adventurous spirit. and discover how Mason’s journey through rehabilitation and recovery led him to advocate for accessibility and inclusion while bringing smiles to his online audience daily.

Key Takeaways:

mason branstrator popping a wheelie in his wheelchair on a grassy lawn with a motorized wheel attachment giving a i love you hand sign

🌟 Redefining Disability: See how Mason continues to break stereotypes about disability through social media and personal advocacy.

❤️ Parental Love and Support: Celebrate the strength and encouragement Mason receives from his supportive parents.

🦽 Firefly Impact: Discover how the Firefly e-assist scooter attachment enhances mobility and changes lives.

💪 Overcoming Limitations: Hear how Mason embraces optimism and overcomes adversity with his positive outlook.

📹 Family Trip to Germany: Mason shares about the video where his dad carried him up three flights of stairs on his back during a family trip to Germany exemplified the unwavering support of his family.

Quote from Mason:

It’s what makes us strong and special: Accepting those things we can’t change and realizing our potential.

Mason Branstrator

Connect with Mason:

mason branstrator sitting in his wheelchair in front of a glowing building of some sort with lights on his wheels and lightning bolt pants

Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and TikTok. Feel free to use my affiliate code “mason” on a firefly at for free shipping! Or “mason” at vapor wheels for 10% off an item!

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