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Episode 50 – Inclusivity in Beauty | Steph Aiello’s Impact

Published: Thursday June 6, 2024

Pushing Forward with Alycia | A Disability Podcast

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Welcome, Steph Aiello!

steph aiello sitting in her wheelchair wearing an all black outfit with jacket leggings and boots she has her legs crossed and her hand on one knee she is smiling

In this inspiring episode of Pushing Forward with Alycia | A Disability Podcast, Alycia Anderson sits down with Steph Aiello, a disability advocate and a trailblazing quadriplegic makeup artist, content creator with brands like Ulta, Maybelline, and Fenty. Steph’s journey from a life-altering car accident on the eve of her cosmetology school dreams to becoming a celebrated beauty influencer is nothing short of extraordinary.

Steph shares how her occupational therapist reignited her passion for makeup during her darkest moments, teaching her to adapt and use her body in new ways. Her story is a powerful testament to resilience, showcasing how makeup became more than a beauty tool—it became her therapy and a symbol of her identity.

Key Takeaways:

🎨 Steph’s rise to fame, working with brands like Ulta, Maybelline, and Fenty

👐 How Tyra Banks inspired her to “make her hands her brand”

🌟 Her mission to transform the beauty industry’s inclusivity

Steph Says:

True inclusion is when we don’t go viral.

Steph Aiello

Emphasizing her goal to normalize disability representation in beauty. She advocates for accessible packaging and tools, working behind the scenes with major brands to ensure everyone can enjoy the transformative power of makeup.

To those facing adversity, Steph offers this advice:

Feel it. You’re mourning something. It’s a tragic event… Not everything needs to be ok.

Steph Aiello

Her mantra, written before her accident, resonates deeply:

Think less of what you lost and more of what you still have.

Steph Aiello

Don’t miss this empowering episode that redefines beauty, challenges norms, and shows that with an “I Can Attitude,” all dreams are within reach.

Bonus content

Hear how Steph’s family, especially her twin sister, has been her rock throughout her journey. Her sister was instrumental in her initial recovery, even making crucial medical decisions on her behalf. This deep family bond has been a source of strength and motivation for Steph.

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