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Grace Hill – All Hands Meeting “Inclusivity Removes Invisibility”

Published: Saturday October 24, 2020

This has been a week to remember. Two speeches, in my own industry, in front of my peers and a successful jam packed work week. I’m overwhelmed with gratitude. Today I was asked to speak at GraceHill’s all hands meeting to celebrate National Disability Employment Month…an absolute honor beyond words. A quick 25min speech. And to receive back so much love and encouragement from their team, on a message that is so important to all of us collectively I’m at a loss in words as I reflect. My heart, my soul is SO full! To have the opportunities in my lifetime to impact change and progression even in the smallest of ways… Im speechless. And to receive real emotions back … gratitude is not enough to describe how thankful I am. The power in this is SO beyond me. To receive message like “Alycia, thank you for such a moving presentation. You are a beautiful human being! This really hit home today. Thank you thank you thank you!” #hithome OMG WOW! This is the validation that drives me! And its not about me. It’s about us and who follows us into a better tomorrow. Grateful ♥️??

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