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Guest Appearance on accessiBe’s accessCulture Spotlight  Sessions  with Josh Basile

Published: Sunday January 23, 2022

Finishing 2021 off by being considered among the “Disability change-makers” and interviewing with Josh Basile on accessCulture Spotlight Sessions was an amazing way to wrap up the year! My heart is being filled by joining in conversations with top notch providers of web accessibility technologies like accessiBe.

My interview with Josh Basile who is a leading disability rights advocate, philanthropist and ADA lawyer was truly a pleasure. We dive into some good thoughts on disability inclusion in the workplace by sharing on the great potential for companies to tap into the natural abilities of people with disabilities, while normalizing the conversation and recognizing the often uncomfortable nature it can have at the start. It was awesome to realize that we are moving the acceptability of these types of discussions and moving the needle for all people with disabilities with each time we talk about it.

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alycia and josh smiling in the interview together

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