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I am competing at Speaker Slam!

Published: Wednesday June 9, 2021

I am so proud to announce that I am competing at Speaker Slam: The Online Speaking Competition. The theme of the event is Fathers: The Men Who Shape Us!

My Father, my Papa challenged me to be brave. He guided me in seeing clearly the endless possibilities we are offered as we overcome life’s biggest  struggles. My Papa was so important. I am competing to honor him and his memory.

I will be sharing my speech “Inclusion. Imagine Possible.” on #InspirationDay which will be taking place on June 21st!

Speaker Slam is an Inspirational Speaking Competition, which features speakers from all over the globe going head to head and heart to heart to determine who is the 2021 Inspirational Speaker of the Year. The winner of this competition will walk away with a prize package valued at $5,000 and the opportunity to compete at the Grand Slam for the title.  

I hope to see you there!

The top 10 speakers will be determined by the Speaker Slam team and revealed on the day of the competition. The top videos will be played in front of the judges.  Wish me luck as I vie for one of the top spots. 

I’d love for you to join me and the Speaker Slam community for the competition taking place on June 23rd at 7 pm EST. 

Tickets can be found at

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