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“I have always worked”

Published: Friday October 30, 2020

I have always worked My first job, the first waitress in a wheelchair. An experiment on inclusion WAY before inclusion was a thing. It took an openminded forward thinking company to embark on such a journey and a huge part, my willingness to try. I would stun my guests carrying 15 margaritas on my lap as I weaved through tables delivering them. Every day I chose to go to work I had the massive opportunity to show the public “possible.” This story proves that people with disabilities could do any type of job even the jobs no one ever thought we could. Inclusion in the workplace is collaborative, it’s creative, it’s something we do together. It takes communication, adaptability and believing 100% in what we think is “impossible” to be “possible.” From waitress to VP of Sales at Knock to Motivational Speaker. Always proving to be a valued part of the team as a woman and more importantly a woman with a disability who can get the job done. We can’t assume what someone can or cannot do unless they say. These types of moments empower the workplace where inclusion and diversity lend itself to be valuable and hopefully widen the doors of opportunities for those that follow me are some my proudest moments. This post in honor of National Disability Employment Month!


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