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ICO Companies – “Adapting to Change Event”

Published: Friday November 20, 2020

Being invited to speak at ICO Companies end of year summit with a theme of “Adapting to change” I love this. It ties in so well with my message on inclusion and is something that  I have had to do and overcome my entire life which is adapt to an ever changing world.   And when I think of those two words adapting and change. I think of flexibility, agility, willingness, and openness to experience new things in life. I think of the opportunity of progression. I think of personal growth and also the collective growth we will find together if we try. I think being in a transitional stage where we are in motion rather than stagnant where we are in a transitional stage of understanding. Where we are open to learn something new and find new ways to adapt, experience, accept and see. Where we are open to understand and believe in things in life we may not have prior. I love this and I can relate to it fully in my messaging. This event a great way to end a year of massive change which required adapting daily.

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