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I’m a disability inclusion advocate.

Published: Tuesday April 18, 2023

Celebrating this small milestone today! I’m celebrating because of you. It’s you that have invited me in with your trust, belief, love and allyship.

You’re my LinkedIn family, you’re the ones who gave me the confidence to use my voice for the better good.

You have hired me to speak to your teams and shared my ideas that advance DEI to also include disability in its programming. You’re also the ones I learn from daily.

I’m a disability inclusion advocate.

I advocate for the rights of people with disabilities, the rights of women and for the opportunities of anyone who feels left behind because they are beautifully and uniquely diverse.

I work to raise awareness about disabling ableism and raise awareness about the multifaceted challenges people with disabilities face and I proudly call out for the equity and accessibility in their inclusion.

I bring awareness to the blatant exclusion that people with disabilities have faced (literally forever), with the hope that I help inspire a shift in the traditional ablistic mindset with the hope that it will lead to greater opportunities for others.

I hope to influence a notable change in the workplace and in educational settings that will lead to ultimately advancing access to everything for everyone!

Advocating is rewarding and fulfilling as a career path, but it’s hard and requires me to be vulnerable and brave. It requires me to share what I know, but it’s you that have lifted me up and trusted me!

Thank you for all of the support you have given me that motivates me to keep going. You’re appreciated, seen and heard!

ID: Alycia sitting in wheelchair with hands in the air making a heart sign, celebrating passing over 6k followers on LinkedIn, wearing a floral dress in front of a mural that says I love you.

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